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Taxes, Rules, and Punishment

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

Greed, Sloth, and the American Dream

Work, Study, and American Ethics

Force, Violence, and Political Tactics

Fear, Courage, and False Bravado

So What Can We Do?





Taxes, Rules, and Punishment

Taxes, rules, and punishment... the recipe for revolution... including the American Revolution. Without significant changes in our current system, a very severe revolution may face the USA and world.

A large percentage of Americans feel that their votes or voices are not heard or respected... resorting to various forms of resistance, subversion, and outright rebellion. Many of our nation's ills are directly related to this... e.g. teenage violence, substance abuse, crime, tax evasion, etc. Even honorable caring citizens feel pushed these directions (including me). I feel very alienated from the country I lovedand trusted like a spouse. While my peers at the Univ. of Wisconsin were battling civil rights and Vietnam 35 years ago, I stuck to the rules and my studies on my path into corporate America. I now feel immense grief for abandoning those brave pathfinders who were seeing through the smokescreen... but severely suppressed by those in power.

I now feel frequent rage at the lies and deception I succumbed to, and feel driven to make amends... not with revenge, but with compassion and wisdom.

I feel so averse to supporting our present system that I would rather live in poverty or jail... than contribute to a severely out-of-balance and out-of-touch bureaucracy.

When we create a system truly BY THE PEOPLE, where the people are more involved in making the rules (i.e. laws, taxes, consequences, etc.), THEN we will see miraculous changes in compliance, participation, and resolution of problems. A big part of this change must include education and open communication (not propaganda, campaigning, or proselytizing). Another big part must include WIN-WIN solutions (not WIN-LOSE).

And it MUSTinclude humility, forgiveness, compassion, and LOVE.

Punitive punishment, revenge, and victimhood are poisons that have no place in this new system... and must be replaced by responsibility and natural (universal) laws... e.g. karma, balance, non-punitive consequences.

The warnings are getting stronger
Will we recognize and acknowledge them?
Or will we repeat the revolutions of history?
(e.g. French, Russian, others)



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Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

"There is no drug on Earth
that can match the healing power of
gratitude, forgiveness, and making amends"
-Great Spirit


I don't know how to emphasize enough the healing power of gratitude. It alone saved me from suicide when all else failed.

I see a massive lack of gratitude in this country for the IMMENSE gifts and advantages we have received. We (majority) are numb to our riches... seeking more and more stuff, power, pleasure, status, and excitement. The consequences show up in disease, violence, addiction, corruption, waste, and more.

I found miraculous healing and treasure in stopping to review my life in detail... and recognize the infinite gifts I had received... through people, opportunities, nature, health, things... and just being alive. Yes, I've also experienced the depths of hell... with anguish beyond measure. But there were hidden gifts in that too... e.g. truly appreciating the "light", building immense compassion and understanding, connecting with marvelous healers and seekers, etc. etc.

Perhaps hell and heaven
are equally valuable



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Greed, Sloth, and the American Dream

The American dream... what image does that invoke for you?

Getting ahead?
Home in the country?
Life of leisure?



No time or place has given such opportunity to choose one's destiny,
significantly better themselves,
and live in such abundance

If you stop to really consider what you have (beyond just stuff), how do you feel?




Despite our incredible wealth and opportunity (in the USA),
we have massive problems, a history of evils, hatred by others, and worse

Is it possible that we've outgrown the "American Dream"?
Is it possible that we've outgrown the American Constitution?

Our previous dreams were built on
hard work, diligent study, abundant resources,
equal opportunity (sort of), trust in God (sometimes),
and trust in self (rugged individualism)

that formula isn't working anymore

What's changed?

Dwindling land/resources, overpopulation, global connectedness,
overstimulated senses, rise in minorities, automation,
surpassing survival needs, running out of dreams, spiritual awakening,
and more

What can we do?

Many realize that a new dream and formula are needed...
but finding it very elusive

Hard work and intellectual study may actually make things worse...
needing a shift to more contemplation, meditation, and intuition

Material pleasures and sensual excitement may not only be unsustainable...
but unhealthy

Competition and dominance of others may need refinement...
to benefit all

Attacking others or forcing change is absolute poison...
and MUST be transcended
if we are to even survive
or flourish

If we CAN transcend such poisons,
THEN we can co-create a NEW American Dream...
and savor the journey

Are you ready?



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Work, Study, and American Ethics

The American dream was an unprecedented experiment in freedom, personal rights, and personal opportunity. And despite some horrendous persecutions, suppressions, and errors... it has flourished in breathtaking ways. Even those with little formal education (e.g. Franklin, Lincoln) could rise far above their humble beginnings... with hard work and study.

In general, church and state were vigorously separated. Even most American leaders and heroes were relatively silent about their spirituality.

Hard work, intellectual intelligence, strength, and courage were revered. Meditation, sensuality, sensitivity, and compromise were seen as weaknesses in leaders and heroes.

Yet... the very values and ethics that were revered for so long may now be our vices... not our virtues. Many of the pioneers in women's rights over the last few decades modeled these traditional male-type values, often becoming fiercer and more ruthless than their male counterparts. Fortunately, a large number of women AND men now recognize the immense power and value in so-called "feminine" or right brain aspects of being... a much gentler, sensitive, intuitive way... usually based on spirituality (but not the traditional masculine religious hierarchies).

Even though Jesus taught a very balanced form of spirituality, with women playing key roles (including his resurrection), his followers largely lost the feminine aspects. Certain lost writings and modern day channelings are working to restore that balance and awareness. For example, Jesus (in "Love Without End") speaks of the intelligence of the heart... FAR outdistancing the intelligence of the brain. And he warns about the dangers of structure... a typical characteristic of our masculine created systems of government, education, business, and family.

Until we undertake very deep examinations of our American system of values, structures, and beliefs... we will be mired in outdated and ineffective (often destructive) actions. Our current wars on "everything" (e.g. drugs, crime, poverty, terrorism) have NO chance of succeeding until we make fundamental shifts in our consciousness...

with love being the foundation




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Force, Violence, and Political Tactics

Why does this highly educated nation continue to use force, violence, and political manipulation...
despite the toxic and destructive consequences?
Even those who desire or aspire to higher paths
typically succumb to these more primitive tactics


Lust for power?
Immediate gratification?

Even at more subtle levels of interaction,
these primitive tactics prevail
(e.g. business competition, parental discipline, verbal abuse,
hierarchy intimidation, political blackmail)

If left unchallenged, these nonphysical forms of violence escalate
to physical violence, substance abuse, manipulation, deceit, and worse

Our present laws and court systems only aggravate the problem...
based on poisons of blame, punishment, and on top-down laws
(rather than bottoms-up)

Until more responsibility is claimed by ALL,
the primitive tactics will continue

Yes, this will require massive learning, experimenting, and diligence

the rewards will far exceed the pain


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Fear, Courage, and False Bravado

A new type of fear is gripping this nation...
requiring a new type of courage

We have largely risen above the challenges of survival
We are now drowning in abundance

Our fears are based largely on losing what we have...
e.g. health, wealth, security, position, etc.
These fears attract what we fear...
e.g. terrorism

We have rewarded and glorified "heroes" who faced outside attackers
with power and strength... e.g. war

that type of heroism is faltering...
seen as false bravado by many...
e.g. using hi tech weapons against the poor and uneducated

A new type of courage is needed today...
to face the most challenging of adversaries...

I've seen the bravest warriors crushed by such inner dragons...
typically reverting to primitive tactics (e.g. attack, avoid, deny)
But ultimately, these dragons must be faced with courageous love...
or they will reappear in new and fiercer ways...
e.g. Fantasia's "Sorcerer's Apprentice"

"Love your enemies"
taught the master from Nazareth

Do we have the courage to embrace it?



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So What Can We Do?

"Those most sure they are right
are most likely wrong"
-Cosmic Christ


There are no easy answers

What may be right for some
may be poison for others

What may be right today
may be wrong tomorrow

What may be right for you
may also be wrong for you

Time to scream?

Perhaps paradox must be our companion

Perhaps problems are our most divine gifts


I believe that the most important step to change
is desire

willingness to question EVERYTHING


learning love is a never-ending pursuit
that few have mastered

We must go beyond
what even Jesus taught

He touched on the difficullt aspects of love
e.g. loving enemies
but did not elaborate nearly enough
for today's world

Several modern sources (secular and spiritual)
go much further

We MUST rise above the spiritual poisons
discussed in the proposed Declaration of Independence II

THEN we can work together
to create miracles...

Heaven on Earth










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