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Creating a New Constitution
The Chance of All Time

This takes our breath away…
feeling humbled by magnitude and complexity of such a task…
feeling awed by the infinite possibilities.

We seek to open ourselves and our fellow countrymen to a blank page
transcending all previous biases and limitations
reaching for the dream of all dreams
the dream of all time

Let us first imagine our ideals
(i.e. fly with the eagles)

and work with practical limits later

Let us pretend for a moment
that we can all work together
even love each other
forgive each other

Let us pretend for a moment
that miracles are possible
if we believe, forgive, and love

Let us pretend for a moment
that new windows are opening
that were not available before

Let us pretend for a moment
that NOTHING is impossible
if in harmony with the divine

Let us pretend for a moment
that ALL can be transmuted
no matter how horrendous

Let us pretend for a moment
that Spirit will help us
if we will help each other

Let us pretend for a moment
that chaos and horror
are keys to heaven

Let us pretend for a moment
that we can truly create
Heaven on Earth

Who among you
is ready for this leap?


Let us begin

Where DO we begin?
What do we want?
How can we get there?

Perhaps that is our first step…
to define these

Let's call them Mission, Vision, Values for now.

This is dream time
Let yourself go
Let the sky no longer be the limit

Be open to wild ideas
We're not asking for commitments yet
We can cut back later

Do we focus on our nation?
Or do we stretch beyond our boundaries?

Is anything exempt from change?

What would God want?
What would our neighbor want?
What would our neighbor's God want?
What would God want us to do?

What would our ancestors want us to do?
How can we help or heal our ancestors?
Who ARE our ancestors?
What are they doing NOW?

Is it possible that all of our ancestors' work
was preparing for this exact time?
That all their pain and suffering had a purpose?
And we hold the keys?

What if…
this time and place (i.e. Earth)
are the most unique EVER
with all beings from all time
focusing on US (humanity)

What if…
they wish to help us
but have limits (e.g. a "prime directive" of noninterference)?

What if…
these beings come from all over the universe
and seek to welcome us "home"
to the infinite family of God?

What if…
we come from all over the universe
with powers of the divine
but allowed them to be hidden
for a purpose that was hidden?

What if…
it is finally time
to unveil that divine purpose
and our own divine soul?

Are you ready?


Then let us proceed.


It is time for more questions
and time for less preaching

It is time for more listening
and time for less judging

It is time for more gratitude
and time for less whining


So what is our mission?
Our vision?
Our values?

Who is our audience?
And who are the players?

Is this a game?
Or is it dead serious?

Or could it be both?

What are our tools?
What are our materials?

What is our god?
What is our dream?

Are you still with us?

Then let us continue.

Do you savor the journey?
Or jump straight to the goal?

Or you willing to experiment
outside of your norm?

How do you measure
success and fulfillment?

Is money your object?
Or do you thirst for more?

What DO you thirst for?
Do you even know?

Are you willing to release
that you've held dear?

If you've hung in thus far
then perhaps you are ready
to join in this quest
this quest of all quests

We promise no more
than love and respect

The rest is up to you

And you may end a wreck

But we WILL help you up again
if you lose not your yearning
for if you're not falling
you're certainly not learning

And when we can laugh
at our bumbles and falls

We know we have learned
the best lesson of all

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Mission, Vision, Values


We present this proposal as only a seed...
starting in the USA...
later throughout the world

Many believe that the USA was founded by divine forces
as a unique experiment in freedom and democracy…
accompanied by massive gifts and opportunities

We have made massive errors...
hurting ourselves, others, and planet

We now have massive opportunity...
to transmute these errors
into far greater good than had they not occurred

Consider the greatest breakthroughs in history.
Did they not emerge (generally) out of great chaos, suffering, and destruction?
Did they not get championed by unorthodox or unaccepted people?
Did they not go unrecognized (generally) until many years later?

Perhaps our champions (e.g. Christ) are already among us…
but not yet recognized

Perhaps WE are the champions…
but don't recognize ourselves

Are you ready to take a chance…
and claim your own light?

Are you ready to take a chance…
and see the light in others?

Are you ready to take a chance…
and see the light in ALL?

you may be ready



The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and science.



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User Needs & Competition

Sound like a business plan?

Yep… critical steps.
Some of the greatest ideas is history failed because of inadequate attention to these.

Do they apply to government?
Absolutely… but much more difficult.

So who are the users (or customers)?

And who or what is the competition?

In a word… us.

Let's go deeper…

Consider this list of users:
All citizens
Foreign visitors
Foreign nations and people
Domestic organizations (profit and non)
Environment (domestic and global)
All other life (global and beyond)

Whew! Not an easy group to satisfy.

And consider this list of competitors:
All citizens
Foreign visitors
Foreign nations and people
Domestic organizations (profit and non)
Environment (domestic and global)
All other life (global and beyond)
And the fiercest competitor... self

Any wonder we're grasping for answers and direction?
Any wonder why so many are reaching for divine help?
Will our current blaming and fighting help matters?
Are we ready to try a higher way?
Are we willing to do "the work"?

If you are, let's continue.

We see massive public dialogue required on these topics, leaving "guns at the door".
We've got too many REAL enemies to face… with little energy to waste on childlike squabbles amongst ourselves.

So what ARE the user needs?
And what are the competitive strengths?

More importantly…
How do we satisfy the users without compromising our own needs?
How can we apply "love of enemies" to our competitors?

This is where the quest gets tough…
beyond the fancy words.

Are you still with us?
Are you willing to get dirty?
Or hurt?

Even WeNeedaDream gasps at this next step.
Where do we start?
Can it really be done?

It may be "fly or die" time
i.e. leap off the cliff

We can choose to resist...
clinging to what is failing

Or we can take the risk of all time...
with the chance of transcending

Our audience is waiting
e.g. God, ancestors, galactic family

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Target Users and Needs

We can't possibly satisfy all the needs of all the users we listed earlier…
but we can build a framework that empowers self potential
and divine potential

A big part of this requires continual review and refinement
of our mission, vision, values…
even proclaiming them
like a creed

We suggest the same
for our Declaration of Independence II
and our list of commitments

We see the above documents
as living and flowing
like seasons and lifeforms
that cycle in harmony with
universal law

our target user emphasis
may change over time
as well as
the needs we focus on

Furthermore… suggests
differentiating "wants" from "needs"
transcending the pampering of poisons
that prevails today

This will require massive shifts in consciousness
and may induce severe resistance and "tantrums"
but is absolutely required
if true freedom is desired

We suggest
placing this choice before "the people"
letting each soul decide
if they are willing to do the work required
to comply with the standards of this quest

We further suggest
repeating this process several times
until near unanimous consensus is achieved
at each stage of this quest

"Impossible" you say?
Not if you truly seek heaven
and truth from the divine
with humility

If you do choose a lessor goal
then at least respect others
seeking multiple frameworks
that allow parallel paths

The needs we see most critical are…

Feeling loved, valued, and respected

Freedom to love, live, and choose

Belief in self, purpose, and higher power

Hope for healing, transmuting, and transcending

Being one with ALL


Everything else is detail

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Competitive Forces

The fiercest of competitors lie within us…
blame, punishment, righteousness, arrogance,
clinging, guarantee, self-pity, and avoidance.

Shall we whip them, attack them, kill them?
Or shall we love them as teachers
who are lighting our way?

And what about outside enemies
who appear to do us harm?

Might they also be teachers
reflecting what we project?

"Love your enemies"
proclaim the masters

How well are we doing?

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What Shall Government Provide?
And Who Is Government?


Our current U.S. government has become a massive and complex provider of laws, enforcements, and services... very inefficient, largely mistrusted, and questionable results. As mentioned earlier, WeNeedaDream believes it is time to start over, with a clean slate, reaching WAY outside the box for new direction.

A major hurdle to overcome is the general consciousness of the people. The general mindset today is "What can my country do for me?" and "Why are they so rotten?". We MUST shift this mindset toward "What can I do for my country?" and "What can I better do for myself?"... if we wish to improve our lives. Furthermore, we MUST seek highest needs of our soul, rather than temporary highs for our egos (described earlier).

With this shift in consciousness, government can be drastically simplified, with much of government done By The People (i.e. not by hired bureaucrats and elected politicians).

Perhaps the single biggest shift is understanding and embracing of the universal laws of karma, balance, and responsibility... even further enhanced by mastering the power of manifestation. People have FAR more power to create their own reality than is commonly realized... through both secular and spiritual means. Much of what used to be confined to spiritual miracles is now being understood as objective science. If fully understood and embraced, this shift will drastically reduce or eliminate the need for the most massive and expensive parts of government (e.g. military, entitlement programs, etc.). People would have massive motivation and incentive to contribute wherever possible... e.g. to people, environment, government, etc.

In such a system, people would feel ownership of the system, strongly driven to improve it. Rather than being subjected to laws, enforcements, and taxes by "Big Brother", the people would be an active part of this much simpler and more manageable system.

So... what SHALL government provide in such a new system?

We believe it is premature to discuss this yet...
preferring to focus first on raising consciousness.


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Paying for Government

Ah... everybody's favorite. Right?

Even if we liked our current government, we can't sustain it much longer.
Our founding fathers warned of the fiscal irresponsibility we've succumbed to.
Even Eisenhower (a military and political leader) warned of it.

We are out of control.

If we embrace the major shift in consciousness mentioned earlier,
we will not only drastically reduce the cost of government,
but we will also drastically reduce cost of living (e.g. health care)
while increasing abundance (e.g. miracle technology).
Yes, this is a major leap of faith and humility.

the rewards will more than compensate the risks, work, and pain.

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