Cosmic Christ



"In thee I AM
I AM in thee
Time is now
Be thou free"





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Love has no opposites












Most conflict is self-generated by rejections of life
and denial of existence as it really is











There are no structures
that cannot be superseded and rearranged by love











Any prayer asked in love, or honoring love will be answered










Reality is a living, responsive flow of life
which continues forever on many levels of existence








You're not learning if you're not falling








The path to light traverses risk and wounds










Separation from Source
is the greatest of all pain










Everything was created in innocence
Behold this if you would see the face of God










Through judgment, a man reveals what he still needs to confront and learn
Through discernment, one reveals what he has mastered










When you surrender to the fact that existence does not require invention...
that it simply is...
you will be on the threshold of looking into the face of God










The original sin was judgment
Judgment is actually the only sin of which a pure and perfect child of God is capable












In organic life
DNA is constructed to conduct the complex and mysterious funciton of love










Everything and everyone belong
Bless them, respect them, and forgive if necessary










The highest unity is one which respects differences as well as sameness
and regards both with equal respect











The most important person to forgive is yourself











The heart knows truth as that which sets it free











Love commands the universe
Man only resorts to control when love is missing
In a world obsessed with control
it is difficult to find even a moment's peace











In releasing and honoring what has been
there may be tears
but there will also be doors opening to future possibilities













The Sacred Heart is truly your higher intelligence
and the source of an inspired life










A being who is far from home will attract others who are equally lost
Demons are only lost souls










The mind has no power to change your life
That privilege belongs to the heart alone












You are not alone
There are younger and older brothers elsewhere
Those civilizations which are equal or behind yours
cannot reach you anymore than you can reach them






A being's greatness is measured by his ourreach...
not by how much he can hold
but by how much he can give







When you change your heart, you change your life












"In thee I AM
I AM in thee
Time is now
Be thou free"













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