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Magic and Alchemy - Can They Help Us?

Conflict, Violence, and War - Why so common? Is there a better way?

Experts, Credentials, and Intellect - Helping or Hurting?

Do We Need a Shared Dream?

Dancing With Difficult Dragons... e.g. those who hide under virtue



Magic and Alchemy
Can They Help Us?

Why do so many love books and movies about magic, magicians, and fantasy...
but discount or persecute those who seek them?


If we could attain such magic...
would we want it?

Could we handle it?

Many religions have denounced magic
as work of the devil

Yet... most of these same religions
have magical mystical traditions themselves

Even the founders (e.g. Jesus, Buddha) had powers
that many attribute to witches and sorcerers...
and promised such powers to us

Is it possible...
that all the polarized beliefs
have different pieces of one coherent truth?

Is it possible...
that we have far more magical power than we use?

Is it possible...
that the secret is to be more responsible?

Is it possible...
that we MUST use these powers
if we wish to heal?

Is it possible...
that we MUST love our enemies
if we wish these powers?

Is it possible...
that our enemies
are God in disguise?

Perhaps it's time
to dance with our dragons




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Conflict, Violence, and War
Why so common?
Is there a better way?

I have been absolutely horrified in recent years by a new awareness
of how much violence and cruelty dominates life on Earth...
and how much it is accepted and embraced.

It is so ingrained in our lives
that we don't even seek alternatives in most cases...
especially the more subtle forms of violence...
e.g. verbal attack, business competition, etc.

For most of my life, I too was rather ignorant or numb
to the horrendous impact of force, violence, and punishment...
even embracing many subtle forms myself (e.g. competition, debates, etc.).
The horror of war was just an entertaining subject of TV, movies, and games.

I now clearly see many perspectives on violence...
why some are horrified by it...
why others love it.

I also see why most attempts at peace fail.

If we wish to achieve more peace and harmony,
we MUST seek deeper understanding of life...
going way beyond the most visible (e.g. violence).

We must understand why we are here, who we are, universal laws of karma...
and more.
We can then better understand why violence exists
and find higher ways to fulfill the unmet needs that cause it.

This is a huge leap...
requiring a burning desire to change, courage of a hero, strength of an athlete...
and wisdom of the divine.

It must begin with the individual...
to be effective with the collective.

It must engage the heart...
not just the brain.

It must trust a higher power...
beyond our mortal comprehension.

Declaration of Independence II
could be a start.

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Experts, Credentials, and Intellect
Helping or Hurting?

I am absolutely stunned
by the magnitude of problems and conflicts
that elude humanity's immense level of education and resources

I even see many of our problems and conflicts
CAUSED by the most highly educated...
when ego is dominant

Are we willing to acknowledge a higher form of intelligence...
the heart?

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Do We Need a Shared Dream?

The greatest advances in history emerged from a shared dreams
Most often, they were in response to a shared threat.

Yes, they had key champions to inspire or lead...
but only succeeded when embraced by the masses

Humanity today faces the greatest threat in history...
but the most elusive and disguised

Most don't see it...
or only see the surface symptoms

Few, if any, really understand it...
or what to do about it

America has been an incredible experiment in freedom and democracy...
empowering individual choice and "rugged individualism" like never before

The benefits have been breathtaking...
but at extreme costs...
to others, to environment,
to soul

It's now time to pay our debts, balance the planet...
and seek our soul's calling

Many are doing such
as individuals and in scattered communities

And many are attempting national or global efforts

But nothing has yet inspired and united the majority...
nationally or globally

Do we need such a dream?

Will karmic forces push us to a dream?
e.g. disasters, conflict, fear

This later direction has immense danger of tyranny and escalating chaos
But if we act soon to choose a higher path,
we could co-create
Heaven on Earth

Are you willing?


Dancing With Difficult Dragons...
e.g. those who hide under virtue


My greatest scars have come from
people who hide under virtue, religion, and righteousness...
and not even seeing their hypocracy

Instead, I see them trying to convert others to their own way...
often with manipulation, persecution, and force

Jesus didn't pull any punches with such types when he called them hypocrites...
with planks in their own eyes

As I've worked hard at cleaning up my own blindness,
such hypocrisy has become crystal clear to me

How to deal with it in love has been the challenge

Our nation is absolutely drowning in it...
drowning others too

I challenge this nation
to thorough self-examination...
individually and collectively...
with help from objective third parties

Until we better open our eyes, ears, minds, and hearts...
terrorism and other ills will just get worse...
much much worse



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