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Divine Fool

"Those most sure they are right
are most likely wrong"
-Cosmic Christ


Heaven and Hell on Earth - Where Are We? What Do We Need?

Loving Enemies - Is it Needed? Is it possible?

Are We Close to Collapse?

History, Ancestors, and Reincarnation - What's Needed in the Present?

Death and Rebirth - What's Possible? What's Needed?

What Do We Need?




Heaven and Hell on Earth
Where Are We? What Do We Need?


Heaven and Hell...
Have we ever had more of both?
Which way are we heading?
Who is "we"?

Humanity has never had more choice now...
collectively and individually

We are drowning in choices, abundance, and opportunity...
including the opportunity to destroy ourselves

Our explosion in instant information is mind-boggling
Yet, much of it is suspect...
controlled by money, power, and fear

Even those with the best of intentions
contribute to the problems


Why have our leaders failed to unite us?
Why have our academics failed to inspire us?
Why have our clergy failed to enlighten us?

Do we NEED inspiring, uniting...
or enlightening?

Do we NEED a shared dream?

Could Declaration of Independence II
be such a dream?



Loving Enemies
Is it Needed? Is it Possible?


How the heck can we love someone who hates us...
or hurts us?
It's tough enough to love those who love us

Why were masters like Jesus and Buddha so adamant about this?
Do we believe them?
Do we understand what they meant?

How well have we done?

Are we willing to try?


Are We Close to Collapse?

I am stunned at the magnitude of cruelty, suffering, and greed that dominates human history...
and how sheltered many of we modern Americans have been from such behavior.
Even while surrounded by violence and suffering today,
many are still quite numb to its horrendous reality.

I wonder if affluent America is a modern day aristocracy...
setting the stage for a horrific world revolution.

9/11 gave us a warning.
America is hated by others.
Other pre-crash symptoms abound...
(e.g. greed, alienation, narcotics, gambling, debt, and more)

Similar symptoms preceded collapses of past empires
(e.g. China, France, Russia)

Are we in blind denial?
Are we beyond hope?

Or can we transmute this crisis into breakthrough?


History, Ancestors, and Reincarnation
What's Needed in the Present?

Is the study of history and ancestors simply an interesting pursuit?
Or can we truly apply such learning to the present?

Even more significantly...
can we help heal the souls and sins of our ancestors?
Might we BE those ancestors?

I am amazed how many people resist the belief in reincarnation...
and the immense opportunities it opens for healing and transmuting ...
past and present.

Yes, it can be used to avoid present responsibility.
And it also adds immense responsibility.
But I believe it is a mandatory step towards transcending our current world challenges...
for individuals and as a whole.

I don't see a huge need to research all the details of past lives...
but only to understand that karma will bring to our present what is needed to balance our past.
In so doing, we can heal and transmute the "sins of our fathers"...
who might actually be our own soul.

I DO wonder how much we change from one life to another
(e.g. gender, race, culture, attributes, etc).
And I wonder about the concept of simultaneous incarnations.
Is more public discussion needed?


Death and Rebirth
What's Possible? What's Needed?

Death and rebirth...
perhaps the most fundamental foundation of Christianity...
and perhaps the most misunderstood.

Many believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus set him apart from all others...
never to be repeated.

Jesus himself stated in modern day revelations/channelings
(e.g. Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ)
that his purpose was to demonstrate that others could do the same.

Is this possible?
Have others done so?
What constitutes death and rebirth?

Many stories of near death experiences suggest that it is indeed true.
And other forms of dying (e.g. to beliefs, marriage, career, etc) may be equally significant.

Many traditions consider the death and rebirth process
a fundamental step or initiation on the spiritual journey...
often many times in one physical lifetime.
Joseph Campbell is a marvelous source on this.

Is humanity in or approaching a collective death and rebirth?
What needs to die?
What needs to birth?




What Do We Need?

What do we need?
Are we over our heads?
Must we totally die?
What lies ahead?

It looks so big
and so complex
My brain goes gaga
My body won't flex

We need a higher path
embracing new truth
guided by wisdom
connecting me and you

Force and analysis
will no longer do
Love and intuition
are new dawn's dew

They sparkle like diamonds
giving us hope
that nothing is impossible
Love is life's boat







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