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State of the World
Who, What, and Why Are We?
What Do We Want? How Can We Get There?
Love of Enemies
Responsible Use of Power
Transmuting Spiritual Poisons
Declaration of Independence II
Dept. of Peace, Love, and Well-being
New National Monument

New Constitution
New Bill of Rights


State of the World


Where are we at?…
challenges and opportunities: self, nation and world

Whew! What a topic.
Who is qualified to evaluate?

We see planet Earth at the most incredible junction EVER...
with potential for breathtaking heaven...
or agonizing hell

It's up to us

Yes, we are drowning in problems, poisons, despair, and worse.
We are also basking in unprecedented abundance, knowledge, opportunity, and more.

Most are trapped their own world...
unaware of their own power, responsibility, and opportunity...
and unaware of the bigger picture

Even the apparently content and successful
are often trapped...
without even knowing it

Sometimes poverty and despair
can be a greater gift
than wealth and comfort

We can get hopelessly lost in any of these worlds,
blindly pursuing paths appearing noble and worthwhile...
but actually destructive and endless

Fortunately, many pioneers are exploring grand new worlds...
and making maps for others

We MUST reach far outside the box
if we wish to survive...
and flourish


Divine Fool

"The End Times"…
the end of what? are we there? what can we do?

Many spiritual traditions point to this period approaching 2012 as the end of the world...
as we know it.

Some believe it is outside of human control...
with destruction or paradise preordained by a higher power.

Others (including us) believe that we mortals have more choice in our future than ever before...
with the power to transcend to a much higher level...
or totally annihilate ourselves.

We have the power to change prophecy...
if we're willing to work.


Divine Fool

Apathy, ignorance, greed, disbelief …
does humanity need a wake-up call?

God and nature provide many messages and warnings when life gets out of balance...
through disease, disasters, messengers, etc.

Have we been listening?

"Listen to your enemies, for God is talking"
-Jewish Proverb



Dealing with basics like lack, disease, depression, etc.…
what’s the real solution?

Everything (including the negative) has hidden messages, causes, and opportunity.
Most of society numbs or avoids the lasting solutions with spiritual narcotics
or uses shallow temporary fixes (e.g. pills, money, laws, jail, etc)

The REAL solutions require a higher harder path

Are we willing?




Who, What, and Why Are We?


Who are we? Why are we here?...
the big ones

How does one touch these timeless mysteries?
Why have they been so elusive?
Does anyone really know?

Amazingly enough, teachers are emerging...
both mortal and divine...
stunning and exciting many...
frightening and paralyzing others

Yes, these new teachings are startling...
often shaking our foundations...
our most sacred beliefs and attitudes...
our most sacred texts and teachings

Yet... if we cling to these old foundations,
higher powers will step in
to cleanse our world
in extremely painful ways

The new teachings open vast new concepts
regarding science, spirituality, history, life, and more...
weaving them in breathtaking ways...
opening vast new possibilities

Many teach that Earth is the greatest experiment
in the history of the universe...
of love and free will...
requiring veiling...
until now

If we choose,
we can become heroes of the universe...
seeding new life throughout creation

Yes, the challenges are massive
Yes, the risks are high
Yes, the answers are complex

But the rewards
will more than compensate the difficulty



Soaring Eagle


Rhythmic balanced interchange…
nothing is truly static, linear, or one-way

And God said:
I have but one law for all my opposed pairs of creating things:
and that law needs but one word to spell it out,
so hear me when I say that the one word of My one law is

And if man needs two words to aid him
in his knowing of the workings of that law,
let those two words be

If man still needs more words
to aid his knowing of My one law,
give to him another one,
and let those three words be

-Walter Russell




What Do We Want? How Can We Get There?


What do we want? How can we get there?…
for self, nation, and world

This is where life gets complex and challenging...
if we wish to determine our own destiny

The majority seek leaders and gurus
for guidance and and solutions...
and then blame them when displeased

For those who wish to rise higher,
we offer questions, clues, and resources
that can empower the motivated seeker

we do NOT offer guaranteed solutions, saviors, and quick fixes

The choice is yours



Spiritual paths: choices and decisions…
how to choose, move, and master

Is there any other subject that causes more passionate polarization than religion and spirituality...
or more violence, persecution, and punishment?

Why so much controversy?
Why so much contradiction?
Is there a higher way?

Many believe there was/is a higher purpose to all the conflict
And many believe that the next few years offer unprecedented opportunity
to transmute and transcend this conflict
into Heaven on Earth.

Does that imply the end of conflict?
Or uniting on one true spiritual path?

Or might it imply raising the QUALITY of conflict
to better respect ALL spiritual paths?



How much consensus do we need?…
and still respect individual freedom

Another controversial topic... whether spiritual or secular.

How often have the noble sounds of 'unity', 'community', and 'consensus"
lured people into noble causes that turned into controlling cults and dominating nations?

Can we have both liberty and unity,
freedom and community,
conflict and consensus?

How much consensus do we need?
Can we agree to disagree... in harmony?
Can we conflict and confront... with love?

Could the proposed Declaration of Independence II
be a framework for such quests?



Separation of church and state…
where does God fit?

American founding fathers made great effort to separate church and state...
fearing the dominating power of religious organizations

they embraced and incorporated powerful spiritual beliefs

Many of these beliefs came from the highest laws of the universe...
transcending mortal religions

It was the greatest experiment in history

We now have an even greater opportunity...
to take this experiment far higher

And again we have the chance
to incorporate the highest laws of the universe...
transcending mortal religions

Will we rise to the challenge...
or let spiritual narcotics succumb us?



Healing self vs. healing the world…
where’s the balance? …and synergy?

Many apparently noble causes become righteous attacks on others
while avoiding the REAL dragons...

It is extremely difficult to recognize and face the inner dragons.
Yet... this is the only lasting solution.

Yes... outer causes can generate tremendous energy and drive...
and may be what is needed...
but the majority get lost in poisons

Must one first heal and transmute these inner demons
before healing the world or others?

Or can they be done together?



Evaluating self on all levels…
what are the best ways?

How does one evaluate the self?
Friends and family feedback?
Study and meditation?

Many believe that we draw to us (or God sends to us) the people and circumstances we need...
reflecting our inner being.

A Jewish proverb states:
"Listen to your enemy, for God is speaking"

Hard to embrace?
Hard to interpret?
Hard to master?

Possibly the hardest challenge in life

Yet... the greatest opportunity



Responsibility to nation, world, others.…
what’s needed? …and spiritual?

For the spiritual seeker,
this issue of responsibility is particularly challenging.

Many choose to divorce themselves from the "dirty" world of politics, business, etc...
sometimes retreating into ashrams, monasteries, and very local social work.

Others dive into big causes with religious fervor...
seeking to convert others to the "right" way

Spiritual and secular agendas often clash in big ways...
causing the most brutal of conflicts and persecutions.

Can the proposed Declaration of Independence II bridge these chasms?





Being responsible and spiritual vs. fun and pleasure…
how can we mix them?

Does responsibility and spirituality preclude having fun and pleasure?
Many certainly believe so.
And it does make life simpler.

Is it avoiding the more difficult challenge of balance?
And missing the fulfilling rewards of abundance?

On the other hand...
Have we let fun and pleasure become our god?
And lost sight of true responsibility and spirituality?

Have we rationalized our behaviors
with selective religious teachings?






When surrounded by trouble…
can we responsibly create our own bubble?

Many believe we can protect ourselves from ANYTHING through our thoughts, feeling, attitudes, and beliefs...
creating energy fields that can shield, cloak, and project in very powerful ways.
Spiritual masters (Jesus, Maitreya, etc) have demonstrated this.

What is required?
How reliable is it?

Just like other forms of power, we see the key is RESPONSIBILITY (e.g. using power for mutual benefit).
The proposed Declaration of Independence II can be our first step.



Warriors of light, love, and good…
super heroes or self-serving intruders?

Most people will choose to do good if knowing what it is.
However... more destruction has been done in the name of good, God, and service
than any other reason.

And it continues today.

It is extremely easy to deceive oneself and others in this regard.

A national commitment to self-examination and reinvention (Declaration of Independence II)
could help us rise above these ageless traps and deceptions.



Empowering the rejected, abandoned, and disenchanted…
what’s possible?

We see great potential among the rejected, abandoned, and disenchanted...
what they can do...
and what can be done for them.

Many of the greatest ideas and changes in history have emerged from such people...
including the founding of this nation.

Such people offer society strong messages regarding collective ills...
if we will truly seek the underlying issues.

our current norm is make shallow judgments,
blame others,
avoid difficulty,
cling to old ways,
seek quick "fixes,"
and do what's "safe"

Are we ready to seek a higher way?



Loving family, friends, and others…
do we really know how?

Do we really know how to love?
Even those we feel affection for?
What is really needed?
Why does so much love turn to hate?

Despite the vast amount of attention given to love (especially romance),
few understand or master it.

Why so difficult?
How can we improve?
Who is qualified to teach?

Even the greatest of intentions turn to intrusion, enabling, and codependency.

Do we need massive schooling?



Loving ourselves…
without overindulging

We hear much talk about loving ourselves.
Do we really know what it means?
And how to do it?

When does it turn to indulging and spoiling?



Loving Mother Earth…
whom we’ve hurt very much

Many see our planet and environment as inanimate stuff to be conquered and used.
Others see it as a living and loving being (e.g. Gaia, Mother) to cherish and love.

"The Great Spirit is in all things, he is in the air we breathe.
The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother.
She nourishes us, that which we put into the ground, she returns to us...."
-Big Thunder

Many believe our ability to interact with nature goes way beyond our physical actions...
that our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs are reflected by our environment...
e.g. weather, natural disasters, etc.

If we do not take actions to heal, balance, and transmute ALL things (i.e. us AND earth),
Mother Earth (and God) will take over... in ways we may not like.



Loving God…
whom we barely know and understand

Why is it so difficult to understand this being or energy many call God?
Do we need to?
What if we don't?

Why have most followers or seekers of God been largely frustrated?
Or caused great destruction in the name of God?

What is needed?



Loving the many names, faces, and aspects of God…
learning from others

So much dispute over who or what God is...

Is anybody right?
Is anybody wrong?

Could even the most polarized of beliefs have different pieces of a coherent puzzle?
Can we learn from our enemies?
Or from the "heathens" and "savages"?

What would "God" want?



BEING love…
the holy grail

We'll let YOU ponder this one


Ugly Duckling

Being fully present and whole…
the holy grail’s adjunct

Many seekers and teachers advocate staying in the present (or now)
as well as seeking wholeness.

What does this really mean?

Is it wrong to ponder the past and future?
Is it wrong to specialize or focus?
What are the consequences?



Taming our egos…
friend or foe? …or both?

Many criticize the ego as selfish, controlling, almost evil.

might it be a critical part of us...
if we understand its role?



Partnering with God…
who does what? what can we expect?

Can we "Let go and let God" as many believe?
Or does God want us to learn from our own mistakes and experiences?

When will God help us or bail us out?
What must we do?
What will God do?

Where's the line between faith and fantasy?



Partnering with other religions, beliefs, and hated enemies…
can we? can we not?

"Listen to your enemy, for God is talking"
-Jewish Proverb

Might our greatest opportunities lie among those we most disagree with?
Many see such people as opportunity to save or convert.

What if the greater opportunity is listen and learn from them...
and make partners of them?


Dances With Dragons

What does God need from US?…
e.g. loving enemies, others, and Earth

Does God need humans?
How and why?
Are humans part of God?
Could our errors hurt God?



Taming, riding, and dancing with "Storms of Our Lives"…
PhD of Life?

Many like to conquer challenges and adversaries.
Others wallow in self-pity, avoidance, and other poisons.

Could the real secret be to work with opposing forces
to create a beautiful and powerful dance?



Seeing the hidden gifts in problems, enemies, and even tragedies …
a giant leap

Might our biggest problems be our biggest opportunities?
How can we recognize and transmute them?
Why is this so difficult?


Prince Charmless

Good and bad; right and wrong…
is it clear-cut? who is qualified to judge?

Most people like to defeat "bad guys" and evil... and be heroes.
Yet... is good and bad that clear-cut?
Who is qualified to judge?



Is anything unforgivable or irreparable?…
e.g. cursing God, suicide, genocide

Is there anything we can do that is beyond hope?
What are the worst things we could do?
What would it take to transmute them?


Crisis, stress, anxiety, pressure…
where’s the hidden gift? …and map?

Crisis can be the gate to transcension and enlightenment...
"It takes fire to transform iron to steel"

Where's the map?
How did Dorothy get home from Oz?



Helpful fear vs. hurtful fear…
guidance vs. paralysis

When is fear valuable... and not?
Fear (like anger) is neither good nor bad.
It's a flag... alerting us to look deeper.



how to transmute pain to gain

Grieving is a necessary emotion to balance our energy.
It can also catalyze new growth.
How much is too much?



Paradox , confusion, overwhelm, despair…
how to see new light

What does one do when all seems lost...
without hope, help, or guidance?

When nothing seems right
When even God seems gone?

Time for "the fire"?





Joyful suffering…
can we learn from the Buddhists?

Buddha taught about joyful suffering.
What did he really mean?
What is its value?



Suffering for others…
any value?

Christians (especially Catholics) have valued suffering for others.
Can it really help?



Humor, fun, play, and laughter during difficult times…
does it fit? does it work?

Where does humor, fun, play, and laughter fit during difficult times?
Does it provide balance, relief, or healing?
Or is it avoiding what's really needed?


Prince Charmless

Prayer and meditation…
how to be most effective

How can one best connect with God, Spirit, higher power, collective consciousness, etc?

Today's problems and complexities require a far higher intelligence and perspective
than our current intellectual emphasis (that created most of our problems)



Intelligence of the heart…
dwarfing the brain

Many are discovering that true genius is accessed through the heart... not the brain.
Even science is beginning to discover quantifiable energy fields from the heart
that may hold the secrets of creation, life, intelligence, and God.



Dances With Dragons

Connecting to our feelings, intuition and higher power…
the "Force"

Tied closely to the above topics, feelings and intuition are regaining credibility
in our left-brain male dominated world.

Is this the "Force" that guided Luke Skywalker to victory over far "superior" forces?


Soaring Eagle

Thinking vs. feeling…
where’s the balance? …and synergy?

Where's the balance between thinking and feeling?

Humanity tends to swing from one to the other
often discounting or attacking the other

How can we blend the best of both?


Soaring Eagle

Doing vs. being; acting vs. praying…
where’s the balance? …and synergy?

Same questions as above



a powerful tool for getting answers

Closely related to dowsing, kinesthesiology tests muscle strength to ask questions of the body's higher power.
Many holistic practitioners rely on this as an elegant way to bypass extensive and expensive tests, research, and guesses
that are paralyzing our left-brained world in endless circles

Our challenges are way too complex for human brains to handle.
This is a powerful way to step outside the box.



Going to the cave or mountain…
when we need really big answers

Why did Moses go to a mountain (alone) for big answers?
Why do many retreat into selusion when big breakthroughs are needed?
Do they find their answers by study and work?
Or is this time to go direct to "The Source"?



The power of love…
what can it really do?

Is the "L" word overrated?

Is the endless preaching and romanticizing all fluff?
To manipulate, placate, and intimidate?

If there is power in the "L" word,
why is it so elusive?

What can it really do?



The power of dreams…
why so important?

While our sleeptime dreams have great value,
we here speak of our goals, visions, and passions.

Many have found powerful magic about creative visualization...
transcending our limited analytical brain...
engaging the help of some mystical higher power and intelligence.

What is that higher power?
What are the keys to tapping it?



The power of love based dreaming…
miracle time

When have the greatest miracles occurred?
Overcoming impossible barriers?
Defying all laws of science and logic?

Ponder this well.



"I am…" affirmations…
silly or powerful?

Many claim we can "program" ourselves with affirmations...
as though we already are what we desire.

Fluffy New Age talk?

Or is there something subtly powerful in this?



Experts, credentials, and prestige…
absolute answers or false façade?

Why is our vast reservoir of experts, education, and power failing to resolve our most fundamental problems and conflicts?

Is it possible that we have saturated our ability to use intellect, ego, force, and rhetoric for fulfilling and lasting solutions?

Is it possible that these approaches are deceptive covers for deeper needs, fears, and pain?

Is it possible that our only real and healing solutions lie within the heart... requiring vulnerability, humility, compassion, trust, and love?




Gurus, preachers, and teachers…
when does a liberator become a captor?

Where do we usually go for help when crisis hits... enslaing us in fear, confusion, and despair?

Who do we glorify, idolize, and worship?

Why do we often blame, discount, and persecute saviors, heroes, and caretakers?

Are we sure we know who they really are?



how real is it? how can it help us? how can we learn it?

Imagine if we could talk to others without words... at any distance.

Have you had experiences where someone "heard" your thoughts?

Exciting?   Eerie?   Scary?

What if you could master it?



Loving without enabling , martyring, or intruding…
the most difficult of dances

Most people desire to love and be loved.
Few truly master it.


How often does well-intended love fall into co-dependency, conflict, and violence?

Is there a higher way?
Who is qualified to teach it?

Many are trying.
Some are succeeding.
Many more are not.

Do we need a national Dept. of Peace, Love, and Well-being to help us?



Understanding what’s truly needed…
much harder than most realize

We (founders) have seen more conflicts arise out of misunderstanding
than all other causes combined

Making assumptions is #1
Projecting one's own beliefs is #2
Laziness, fear, ignorance, and greed tie for #3

We (founders) have been severely humbled by this challenge...
dwarfing all other life challenges

Is America ready to face it?



The fine art of healthy communication …
putting windows in walls

We (founders) are stunned that this subject is not at the core of our education.
We see nothing as more important.

Most courses on communication focus on
mechanics, impressing, entertaining, and even manipulating.
Few focus on the heart, common good, and well-being.

The Center for Non-Violent Communication is a start.



Support groups, community building, etc…
helping each other

Many find more solutions in support groups, friends, and church
than in professional counselling and classes

Is it possible that caring hearts
are more important than credentialed intellects?





Finding heroes and role models…
can we look to fiction and fantasy?

Many are struggling to find heroes and role models among mortals...
past or present.

The old heroes and models are inadequate for today's world.

Can we look to fiction, movies, and myths?

Is it possible that many of our past heroes
were largely fiction or myth?



"Ugly ducklings"…
be careful whom you judge

Many of our past heroes did not blossom until late in life.
And the greatest heroes were usually persecuted and ridiculed...
only glorified long after they were dead.

Can you be certain about judging anyone?



Ugly Duckling


Have you "kissed a frog" lately?…
you might release a prince

If you were God
and wanted to test your childrens' love and faith...
would you send them a beautiful and generous rescuer...
or an ugly and wise angel...
i.e. in "frog" disguise


Prince Charmless

"Impossible " dreams come true: Disneyland, Rubel Castle…

Do you know that Disney was ridiculed as he built his impossible Disneyland?
Do you know that most great inventors and artists were ridiculed in their lifetimes?

One of our favorite heroes is Mike Rubel... creator of Rubel Castle.
He and his castle are testament to the power of a shared dream...
overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles
to create a dream come true.



Do we have to be smart to be spiritual?…
or successful?

Many are convinced that they have to very "smart" to be spiritual
(i.e. to understand the massive and complex spiritual texts and scriptures).


They follow a leader or group that seems to be "smart"

Is this really necessary?
Most truly great masters taught the opposite



back to top


Love of Enemies

Loving our enemies (and competitors)…
turning dragons into dance partners

This topic is perhaps the single most important key
to transmuting and transcending our massive challenges...
and the most difficult.

Despite being strongly emphasized by most spiritual masters and leaders (e.g. Jesus),
it is largely ignored or poorly practiced... even by the most devout followers.

Do we not believe the teachings?
Not understand them?
Lack the courage to practice them?

We MUST face this adversary.
The Star Wars trilogy offers clues...
e.g. when Yoda had Skywalker battle an unknown adversary, do you recall who it was?
How did Luke prevail in the end (with Vader and the Emperor)?

We humans generally love to defeat evil and enemies,
making heroes out of warriors who fearlessly slay the "bad guys".
What if these "bad guys" are actually sent by our higher power to test us...
for a higher way...
a more difficult way...
a more heroic way.

Perhaps our REAL goal
is to DANCE with these dragons...
and thank them for the dance


Bloomin Idiot

Divine Fool


Confronting with love…
perhaps the most difficult and needed act of love

The greatest love of all... is to confront with love;
the most hurtful... is to suppress your anger
-Cosmic Christ

Confronting with love is extremely difficult... but critical to transcension.
We have seen and experienced the worst kind of damage from buried anger, resentment, criticism, etc...
resulting in exploding violence, severe illness, depression, insanity, suicide, and more.

People need truth... even if uncomfortable.
However... righteous judgment and attack is not the answer.

Confronting with love requires courage, skills, and care that few have mastered.
Most don't even have a clue.

A few pioneers are showing and teaching new ways (e.g. Center for Nonviolent Communication).
We hope more will awaken.





Conflict resolution…
where everyone wins (including Mother Earth)

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God"

Are we tired of endless conflict?
Are we ready to try a new path?
Are we ready to claim our calling?




Responsible Use of Power

Responsible use of power: money, position, resources, technology…
what’s right?

We see this topic competing with "Love of Enemies" in importance...
i.e. key to transmuting our massive challenges...
individually and collectively.

Humanity holds unbelievable power today... especially America.
However... we are grossly misusing it...
causing massive negative consequences...
and blocking miraculous opportunities.

It's not just those in power.
The masses are just as responsible.

The vast majority are seduced
by the spiritual narcotics of blame, avoidance, righteousness, etc...
refusing to take responsibility
for creating or allowing their own reality.

What is really needed?
How can we achieve it?

Not the way our leaders are showing.
Not the way our masses are believing.

Are you willing to open to new thinking?
Are you willing to humbly admit errors?
Are you willing to bravely examine yourself?
Are you willing to accept responsibility?

THEN... you may be ready.


Bloomin Idiot

Bloomin Idiot 2



Giving by people and business vs. giving by government…
day vs. night

We Americans have passed the majority of giving to government, especially federal government (e.g. social security, welfare, Medicare, foreign aid, subsidies, etc). The inefficiencies of these systems are enormous. The resentment and attacks by taxpayers are growing rapidly. The gratitude by recipients is approaching zero.

This is a recipe for collapse or revolution.

Until people are more directly involved in giving to others (whether money, things, or services), and feel good about the giving... true solutions will evade us. The same holds true for the recipients.

While it is possible to do this within a participatory democracy government, it will be far more efficient and effective if decentralized to where the givers and receivers have the most direct and personal connections.



Giving with wisdom and effort vs. giving for quick fix w/o prayer…
joy vs. regret

To be effective and fulfilling, giving requires hard work and high wisdom...
even more than "getting".
the giving just enables dependency, resentment, sloth, and more.

Big challenge... big potential



Giving with love and light vs. giving for ego, control, or brush-off…
life vs. death

"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving"
-Mother Teresa



Competition: helpful or hurtful?…
is there a better way?

Our society has glorified and encouraged competition almost everywhere...
sports, business, school, work, and more.
It has inspired greatness in all fields.

Have the costs justified the benefits?
Do we need a change?

Some competition is clearly beneficial...
e.g. games or sports with mutually agreed upon rules
especially when the adversaries care about each other

much of our current competition (e.g. business)
seeks to destroy the adversary
by whatever means it can get away with

Sounds like war... with different weapons

Would our spiritual masters (e.g. Jesus) endorse this?



Managing abundance …
more challenging than lack? are we drowning in it?

America has a new kind of challenge... managing abundance.

Only aristocracies have faced such challenge in the past...
and usually were destroyed by it...
with help from people who hated them.

Wake up, America
and look around you
at those who hate us
and seek to destroy us

Will more guns and laws be of help
against determined terrorists and others?
Or must we try love
and guidance from above?



Managing complexity…
how do we juggle, dance, sing, and whistle?

There's a price for our abundant hi-tech society...
complexity and responsibility.

Do we return to a simpler lifestyle?
Does retiring with "rat-race riches" qualify?
Can we have it all?

Is there a more elegant way...
that can benefit all?



Managing "stuff": food, clothing, shelter, toys, hi-tech…
has it become our god?

Are we drowning in abundance?
Does our "stuff" own us?
Do we love, appreciate, and care for our stuff?
If so... does it help or hinder us in loving all else...
i.e. others, self, nature, God



Structure and planning vs. seat-of-the-pants and spontaneous…
pros and cons

Daytimers, palm pilots, business plans, and budgets.
Do they free us or enslave us?
Do they bring us fulfillment or frustration?
Is there a higher way?



Transmuting Spiritual Poisons


Transmuting faults and errors to virtues and opportunities …
alchemy at its best

America and its people have unprecedented opportunity
to transmute our massive problems and errors...
into Heaven on Earth.

Yes, our challenges are massive... often overwhelming.
Yes, our government is out of control.
Yes, our businesses are too greedy.
Yes, our people are consumed in fear, denial, and more.

the opportunities are even more massive
we recognize, acknowledge, and transmute our spiritual narcotics...
individually and collectively

We are ALL addicts
to some degree or another...
but generally don't even know it

The spiritual narcotics are EXTREMELY seductive...
often difficult to recognize...
especially in oneself

These poisons are even endorsed
by many of our leaders, teachers, and organizations
as "right and good"

we can find REAL freedom...
REAL liberty...
REAL life

IF...          we face these poisons

Do we have the courage?
Do YOU have the courage?


Divine Fool

Dances With Dragons


what are the underlying causes?
and solutions?

Beneath every physical addiction is a spiritual addiction.

This understanding is the first step towards lasting solutions.



what is the impact? are we out of control? why so much?

Americans spend more money on gambling than on groceries.

And much of it is state sponsored lotteries.


Most falls in great civilizations are preceded by rise in
narcotics, abrasive music, and gambling

Are we listening?



Disarming fear, shame, grief, hate, and other demons …
our REAL enemies

Those who have experienced severe fear, shame, grief, and hate...
have known the most crippling forces in the universe.

No other forces can so separate us from peace, joy, love...
and God.

these same forces can bring us to God
and the highest part of ourselves


Bloomin Idiot


Soaring Eagle


Analyzing the past…
helpful or hurtful? better ways to clear old "stuff"?

Many advocate the power of staying "in the present"... dropping old "stuff".
Others (e.g. psychotherapists, historians) see the past as key to the future.

Still others believe that we DO need to clear and heal old wounds and patterns...
but can bypass analytical methods...
taking holistic and spiritual paths

Could both be valuable?
Could they be combined?



Would’ve, could’ve, should’ves…
the worst of tormentors? how to master?

We quiver at this topic...
having extreme experience with the anguish of these tormentors.

Yet... they may also be our greatest saviors...
inspiring us to paths of enlightened transcension.



Avoidance: e.g. responsibility, risk, discomfort, carefronting…
our #1 poison?

Have we Americans become spoiled?
Do we avoid difficulty and discomfort?
Do we know what's needed?



Rigid righteousness: e.g. beliefs, causes, retaliation, judgment…
a close second?

In an attempt to seek the "right and good" path,
many succumb to the deadly poison of righteousness...
condemning or judging those who believe or act another way

using virtues words and scripture to justify anything




Blame, punishment, self-pity, self-importance, clinging, guarantee …
more poisons

In a society that endorses and supports many of these poisons as "right and good",
it is difficult to recognize their deadly impact
and even harder to challenge the norm

Will you?



Understanding the impact of these poisons…
the cause of most ills and wars

When humanity fully recognizes the above poisons as deadly,
we will make the biggest leap in history
toward solving our individual and collective ills...
that no amount of science, money, or laws can touch



Interpreting our body’s ills…
the deeper causes

Every physical ill has a message and a deeper cause.
The only lasting solutions are to face these deeper causes.



Likewise for planetary ills…
looking for lasting solutions

Wars, terrorism, poverty, pollution, etc
We MUST look to the underlying issues



Antidotes for the poisons…
work, risk, humility, gratitude, love, and more

Transcending the poisons is hard... very hard.
Probably the hardest challenge of one's life.

But if you wish peace, joy, and health...
they MUST be faced.


Bloomin Idiot

Dances With Dragons

Soaring Eagle


Excellence, enthusiasm, excitement, ecstasy…
virtues or vices?

Our society glorifies these four "E's"...
making heroes and stars out of them.

Yet... they have a dark side...
creating addicts, imbalance, corruption, and more

Where is the balance?



noble goal or mediocre cop-out?

"Moderation in all things" profess many teachers.
Is this a noble goal... or a mediocre cop-out?

Might a higher goal be "balance"?
Might everything have a time and place?
Even "excess"?

what if all extremes require balancing
sometime, somewhere, somehow?



Delayed vs. immediate gratification…
what is the long-term impact?

Try reading Scot Peck's "Road Less Travelled"



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Declaration of Independence II


Drafting a new Declaration of Independencehere’s your chance


Bloomin Idiot




Dept. of Peace, Love, and Well-being


Creating a Dept. of Peace, Love, and Well-being
what could it do? …and how?




New National Monument


Creating a Peace, Love, and Transformation Monument...
inspiring the dream




New Constitution

Drafting a new Constitution
the chance of all time

Does this excite you or repulse you?

In a land where we worship our founding fathers and the sacred documents they created...
this might stir emotions of fear, rage, and treason

it might also stir unparalleled excitement
to advance this great American experiment
to heights unheard of...
making our founding fathers proud

Perhaps we could invite them to help


Soaring Eagle

Do we need a national business plan?…
with mission, vision, values, etc.

Try reading our proposals
and contribute your own
This may be your chance
to experience "the zone"



Participatory vs. representative democracy… how would it work? how well?

Representative democracy in America was an extraordinary experiment...
that frightened and challenged even those who created it.

We were a relatively primitive society
with little education
crude technology
isolated from the world
and virtually bankrupt

That it even survived is a miracle...
and a testament to the power of desire and faith

We now need a new experiment

We've outgrown representative democracy...
ready to advance to participatory democracy...
where EVERYONE participates...
in some way

The possibilities make our heads swim

Yes, it will require work
and courage
and faith

Are you willing?


Soaring Eagle

Public service: volunteers vs. bureaucrats…
pros, cons, and possibilities

We see miraculous solutions appearing on all fronts
when the people get more directly involved in government...
and self-government

Our present system encourages and reinforces endless poisons
that no amount of laws, money, and blaming can resolve

It's time to "wear the moccasins"



Rewards for voluntary service…
to inspire the soul

Serving a meaningful purpose can feed the soul like none other.
But it has huge dangers of becoming poison
(e.g. codependency, martyrdom, self-pity, self-deception, etc)

We'd like major public dialogue on this topic
that will inspire mortals, God, AND soul



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New Bill of Rights

Drafting a new Bill of Rights...
plus a Bill of Responsibilities

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance
-Thomas Jefferson

Freedom requires work... and responsibility.
Giving away our power to elected officials is no longer working.

If we wish to grow and flourish,
we MUST assume a new level of responsibility.

A new Constitution empowering ALL people is a key step.
A Bill of Responsibilities is another.

Are you ready for such a leap?



Soaring Eagle

Soaring Eagle 2




Launch Event Proposal
Keynote Speech Proposal
Who, What, Why We Are
Declaration of Independence II
Dream of Dreams
Trail of Tears
New National Monument
Dept of Peace, Love, & Well-being
New Constitution
Links and Bridges
Future Plans
Bill of Responsibilities


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