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New Tax System
Stewardship by Business
Miracle Technology

Miracle Healing of People and Planet
Miracle Children

Miracle Abundance
War Changed To Sport
Friendly Aliens
Ascended Masters
Having the Powers of the Masters
Heaven on Earth


New Tax System


Drafting a new tax system...
by ALL the people

the cause of revolution...
including the American Revolution.

Most people are willing to pay their fair share
IF... they are a part of the decision-making

today's government (especially federal) is out of control
alienating most people
controlled by special interests
fiscally irresponsible
and approaching collapse

A total reinvention of government is required.

And even more importantly...
a higher level of consciousness is required.

we can find efficient and equitable ways to pay for it...
and feel good about it.

See Constitution Proposals


Bloomin Idiot


Stewardship by Business


Drafting a Stewardship Covenant …
showing REAL leadership in business

Current capitalism is on a path to hell... with opportunity to lead the way to heaven.

Business has overtaken government, religion, and education in level of power and influence... creating a force like never before. It has brought miraculous change and benefits to humanity. However... it has also brought horrendous ills and evils. Concentration of power on a global scale (e.g. massive corporations) is testing and threatening humanity like never before, in ways that most don't even recognize. However... this power can be transmuted to great benefit IF we don't let blame, avoidance, and other poisons cloud our judgment.

We MUST work WITH each other... even our apparent enemies... if we wish to transcend.

Yes, confronting "evil" may be part of it... but without righteous judgment and attack.

We see voluntary stewardship as key to transcension... not just by business... but by ALL people. Business has a unique opportunity to lead and model such stewardship... involving all employees and stakeholders in the process.

Understanding and embracing the universal laws of karma will greatly inspire and motivate such stewardship... when people realize that wise and loving stewardship returns more than they give. The key is "wise and loving". Giving can be draining, enabling, and deadly if not mastered. Effective giving (stewardship) is extremely challenging.

Do we have the humility, compassion, and courage to climb this mountain?
We might find heaven.



Large corporations and franchises…
can they be loving? …how?

As the most powerful structure on Earth, large corporations may hold the future in their hands.

They've brought amazing products and services to the masses... at very low prices.
They're also are seen as greedy predators by many... including those buy from them.

Can they be a beneficial, loving, nurturing force?

Understanding the laws would be a big step.
Embracing the proposed Declaration of Independence II would be another.

Horrendous and subtle damage has been done by self-serving corporations.
Miraculous contribution and world transcension is within their reach.




Miracle Technology

Miracle / "Crackpot" technology …
the sky is no longer the limit!

This subject takes our breath away... despite having strong backgrounds in science and technology. Humanity has only touched the surface of understanding and manifesting. Vast new possibilities await us... IF we transcend our spiritual narcotics.

What use to be the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and mysticism... is rapidly becoming solid science.
Virtually nothing is impossible... e.g. unlimited free energy, intergalactic travel, Star Trek holodecks and transporters, transmutation of elements, miracle healing, and more.

However... this science has protection mechanisms that limit its access if misused... e.g. clouding understanding, disabling devices, etc.

Our current use of technology is extremely irresponsible. We use it largely for domination, indulgence, greed, and waste. A massive shift in consciousness is needed if we wish to avoid massive decay and destruction.

Do we have the courage to choose a higher path?
And create heaven on earth?



Soaring Eagle


Sacred geometry, art, architecture, gardens…
"So that’s why that moved me"

Did you know that many of the great cathedrals, masterpieces, and gardens
follow geometric guidelines known as sacred geometry?
Likewise for plants, animals, and humans?

Have you ever wondered why you are emotionally awed and inspired by some
and not others?

Ancient secrets of life are now becoming visible

See Bruce Rawle's intro to sacred geometry




Miracle Healing of People and Planet


Miracle healing...
what's possible? what's needed?

This subject shares many answers with other topics in this website... i.e. miracles of all types will explode if humanity chooses to transcend its spiritual narcotics.

Most individual and collective ills are simply reflections of imbalance in thought, feeling, attitude, belief, and decision. While achieving balance is extremely challenging, its power to heal is unbelievable. This is how miracle healers like Jesus work.

Most of our common norms of healing only deal with the symptoms (not the causes), providing only temporary or partial solutions... and at great cost.

Vast new paths await us... that are relatively inexpensive, minimal risk and side-effects, and often exciting and enjoyable.

Are you ready to embark on such a journey of exploration and adventure?


Bloomin Idiot



Forgiving our worst enemies (including ourselves)…
rough, but critical

This subject generates more "empty talk" than perhaps any other subject except love.
Much verbal forgiveness leaves all partys' hearts untouched.

Effective forgiveness requires work...
to reach and resolve the underlying issues...
especially with oneself



Making amends…
a powerful part of healing and transmuting

For many, forgiveness without making amends is empty.

"No drug on Earth can match the healing power
of gratitude, forgiveness, and making amends"
-Great Spirit



Holistic healing , diet, exercise, and lifestyle*…
awakening and life-giving

A vast subject... but critical

Critical to health
and LIFE

We don't even know where to begin.
We suggest you start by reviewing the list of links we've provided



Energy fields of the body: what are they? what do they do? how to use them…

Everything is energy... even what we call matter.

When we better understand this energy...
we can better understand God

Then... we can be more LIKE God...
with dominion over and with all things

As desired and promised by God
and God's messengers



a powerful tool for healing, transmuting, and enlightening

Fasting is a required part of many spiritual paths
including early Christianity

Where did it go?
What can it do?

Is it only for food?
Or anything we're attached to?



Labyrinth walk, movement of all kinds (Tai Chi, Yoga, dance, etc.)…

Another vast area... with magical results.
We've seen unexplainable healings and transformation emerge from these areas.

Yet... new understanding of movement's impact on the body's energy fields
is beginning to explain these miracles.

The fountain of youth?



Toning, chanting, and sacred sound of all kinds…
expanding and healing

Sound directly affects the structure of matter...
changing it's crystalline arrangements...
creatively or destructively

Ancient and Eastern cultures have known this.
Westerners are reawakening to it.



Other music: popular, rock, rap, country, etc…
what is the impact?

Much of modern music is very destructive to life...
down to the cellular level

Is this "bad"?
Not necessarily.

Everything has its time and place...
even destruction and death.

Perhaps we need to better understand the messages
in much modern music...
anger, frustration, grief, despair

Our choices are infinite.



Breathwork (Yogic, Rebirthing, Holotropic, FOL, etc.)…

Combined with sound, movement, and meditation...
breathwork can be the elixir to heaven

Through various types of controlled breathing...
altered states of mind can be reached...
connecting with higher powers...
but without the side effects or addiction of narcotics

That's just the start...

Healing, transmutation, and transcension are next.

The power of God



Opening to very new thinking and loving…
what are the risks? …and rewards? believes that the single most important step towards Heaven on Earth is a shift in attitude... i.e. opening to new thinking and loving, willingness to risk being hurt, releasing old beliefs and "stuff"

Big step? Like leaping off a cliff?


Our own lives did not truly transform, transmute, and transcend until we took this leap... trusting in inner guidance (i.e. God, higher self, Spirit, etc) like never before.

Then miracles started flying...
and WE started flying.




Finding faith (e.g. in the "impossible")…
creating miracles: what stops us?

What prevents us from creating miracles?
What constitutes a miracle?
How much can we handle?
Are pride, arrogance, and envy blocking us?

Does humanity need a major miracle NOW?


Prince Charmless

do we really reap what we sow?

How many really embrace this belief?
If Karma is true, how would it affect our choices?


Soaring Eagle

fact or fiction? helpful or hurtful?

Why is reincarnation so strongly embraced by many
and strongly rejected by others?

Many see this as opportunity to keep growing
correct errors
and experience all there is

Others seem terrified
for reasons that puzzle us

Where are you?

Divine Fool


Death and Rebirth...
what's possible? what's needed?

This is perhaps the most significant subject
in most spiritual traditions

"Out of death comes new life"

So why is there so much fear about dying?


Divine Fool2

Modern day revelations and channelings…
fact or fraud? do we need them?

Metaphysical bookstores abound in modern day "channeled" works
Psychics are everywhere (even on TV)
Many preachers and elders claim direct contact with God

Are they fact or fraud?
Or some of both?

Much of the information appears breathtaking in value...
if true

How do we discern truth from fiction?
Do we need to?


Starting life over…
when we can’t "put Humpty together again"

Sometimes life can be so shattered
that nothing is repairable...
leading to total despair
and even suicide

most of the great saints and mystics
experienced such devastation and darkness

Is this God's way of calling the "chosen ones"?


Soaring Eagle


When all else fails…
an we count on divine grace?

Some say we are closest to God
when we feel most abandoned, betrayed, and distraught

Is it possible that divine grace is disguised
in pain, despair, and grief?

Is it possible that these are keys
to unlocking and opening our hearts?



Repaying God’s grace…
what’s expected? what’s best?

What do you think God wants in return for divine grace?
Lavish praise?

Do similar for others?



Recapturing the wonder, awe, and glee of childhood…
"Puff the Magic Dragon?"

Is it possible to capture the magical qualities of childhood
as a responsible adult?

Is this the Holy Grail?




Miracle Children

Miracle / "Misfit" children…
recognizing and listening to their wisdom

Many children are being born who are very different from most...
often appearing as misfits and problems.

many of these children are highly advanced spiritual beings...
who are bored or unhappy with our "misfit" system.
They are called Indigos by many.

These children have much to offer our adult run system...
IF we will open to new thinking...
and truly listen




Miracle Abundance

Manifesting abundance... for all!…
from the practical to the magical

Like many other topics in this dream and quest,
the foundation for creating abundance lies in transcending our spiritual narcotics.
Abundance will flow like water when we make this leap.

Another key to unlimited abundance is how we measure and acknowledge it.
Our current norms of money and "stuff" are traps that blind us to far greater riches.
Gratitude, wonder, awe, and laughter are not only riches to seek...
but keys to even greater riches.

Responsible use of our abundance is another critical key.
We Americans particularly need massive improvement in this.
We have grossly misused and unappreciated our incredible gifts and advantages.
If we wish more, we MUST make major changes.

The proposed Declaration of Independence II is a start.




War Changed to a Sport

War games for everyone…
where conflict is fun and healthy

What draws so many to war and conflict... whether real or imagined (e.g. movies, games, etc.)?
Why have massive efforts toward peace been largely unsuccessful?
Does war have some attributes that we need?
What DO we need?

We believe conflict is critical to growing and living.
However... we believe most conflict is not.
We seek to raise the quality of conflict...
to inspire and empower the best in human nature.

conflict can benefit all players.


Dances With Dragons



Friendly Aliens

What kind of life is "out there"?...
could they help us?

Is there any subject that creates more passionate polarized thinking
than ET's, UFO's, and science fiction...
from total obsession to absolute fear?

Some see outer space as the next frontier to conquer.
Others are terrified by being conquered, abducted, or destroyed.

Many couldn't care less.

However... many are drawn to understand the massive mysteries...
what's out there?
how did it get there?
what can we learn?

The last few decades brought an explosion of channeled and mystic information about these topics...
often "mind-blowing"...
shaking all prior secular and religious beliefs.

Yes, this new information is very controversial
and often contradictory.
Yet... there may be vast new opportunities waiting for us
IF... we will open our minds and hearts.




Ascended Masters

What ARE Ascended Masters?...
how can they help us?

While there is much controversy over what, who, and if Ascended Masters ARE,
it is largely believed that higher beings and spirits DO exist...
e.g. angels, guides, etc

The concept of Ascended Masters ties closely with reincarnation...
a belief that is rapidly gaining widespread acceptance.

Most believe that the soul is eternal, and incarnates many times as part of its journey.
Ascended Masters are those who have completed their series of incarnations...
attaining a certain level of mastery over the challenges of life.

Jesus is one of such masters.

We see great opportunity in learning about and connecting with these masters...
as elder brothers and sisters.
Just as Jesus brought radically new teachings to the Jews long ago,
these masters are bringing radically new teachings to the world now...
offering us many great gifts and opportunities to advance ourselves...
individually and collectively.

like the teachings of Jesus,
many are rejecting and attacking these new teachings of the Ascended Masters.

Yes, these teachings are complex, challenging, and controversial.
That is part of our test.

Are you up to the challenge?


Cosmic Christ


Having the Power of the Masters

Can we perform miracles?...
what is required?

What exactly IS a miracle?
Is such power valuable or needed?
Can miracles be explained by science?
What do we want?

For most, miracles are events that appear impossible or unexplainable by logic and science.
They also are generally associated with "positive" results... i.e. not harmful.
Sometimes they equate with magic... e.g. healing, levitation, transmutation, etc.

Children dream about such power.
Leaders lust after it.
Hollywood glorifies and exaggerates it.
Many are frightened by it.
Jesus promised it.

Much of what used to be considered miracle and magic
is now explainable by science...
and available to all.

This is accelerating.

The key to obtaining such power and knowledge...
is responsibility.

Can we use such power for common good...
transcending past norms of abuse?

If yes... wonders await us.


Soaring Eagle

Soaring Eagle 2

Ugly Duckling


Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth...
what is it? how do we get it?

Long sought by many, is Heaven on Earth really possible?
What IS it?
How can we get it?
Is it up to us?
Is it the hands of a higher power?

Or is it a joint venture?

We see the first step
as a massive world dialogue
involving ALL people
to define what we want

we can manifest it


Bloomin Idiot


Soaring Eagle


The excitement, joy, and synergy of shared dreams…
*Magic par excellence*

Those who been part of meaningful and successful shared dreams
have tasted heaven
and forever long to return

It's often difficult to explain to others
and even to oneself
how it happened
and why it was so magical

Is this our quest?
To return to that star?
No matter how hopeless?
No matter how far?


Dances With Dragons

Finding fun and hidden treasures in shared "cleanups" (ugly or not)…
more magic

Even more fulfilling
than shared dreams
are shared "cleanups"
especially the most impossible

Look around you, America
and reframe our troubles
Might they be
magic bubbles?


Divine Fool

Mixing the right people, process, cleanups, dreams, and "cook"…

"Where tingles touch the spine"



New paradigms for investing and wealth…
beyond money, power, and "stuff"

We see huge opportunity for quantum leaps...
by raising our consciousness regarding investing and wealth.

When we truly realize that there are no limits to the power of love...
and learn how to effectively practice love...
greed, fear, and lust for power will vanish.

Our entire concepts of what is valuable and important will transform.
Our goals, values, perceptions, and process will transmute.
Our entire way of living and being will transcend.

We will ARRIVE.



New paradigms for communities, housing, transportation, etc…
what’s possible?

As we raise our consciousness, we will naturally seek more harmony with each other and nature...
resulting in radically new ways of living and connecting.

Many are experimenting with beginnings of such change.
This will accelerate when we transcend our poisons.



New paradigms for learning, loving, and living…
what’s ideal?

Again, the first critical step is to transmute and transcend our poisons.

Then... we can really dream.


Soaring Eagle

New paradigms for everything else…
what do we REALLY want?

The greatest miracles and breakthroughs in history
emerged when dreamers challenged the norms
even suffering persecution and ridicule

Do you have such courage?



Soaring Eagle


"America the Beautiful"…
what’s YOUR dream?

If you had the power of God...
what would you do?


Dances With Dragons

Divine Fool

Soaring Eagle


"Everything the Beautiful"…
what is GOD’s dream

Is there a "grand plan"?
Is it preordained or guaranteed?

What does God consider beautiful?
Are we beautiful as we are?


Soaring Eagle

Ugly Duckling


"From the Silly to the Sacred"…
what is THE dream?

Can we weave the silly and the sacred?
Can we learn the most sacred from our children?




Cosmic Christ



Launch Event Proposal
Keynote Speech Proposal
Who, What, Why We Are
Declaration of Independence II
Dream of Dreams
Trail of Tears
New National Monument
Dept of Peace, Love, & Well-being
New Constitution
Links and Bridges
Future Plans
Bill of Responsibilities


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