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We will begin with one general forum
and divide into more specialized groups and forums with time.

Initial topics will focus on the below topics and linked essays.
We ask members to study these essays and Forum Rules before posting.

The essays will summarize and highlight the most significant member postings.

State of the World
Who, What, and Why Are We?
What Do We Want? How Can We Get There?
Love of Enemies
Responsible Use of Power
Transmuting Spiritual Poisons
Declaration of Independence II
Dept. of Peace, Love, and Well-being
New National Monument

New Constitution
New Bill of Rights

New Tax System
Stewardship by Business
Miracle Technology

Miracle Healing of People and Planet
Miracle Children

Miracle Abundance
War Changed To Sport
Friendly Aliens
Ascended Masters
Having the Powers of the Masters
Heaven on Earth


State of the World

Where are we at? challenges and opportunities: self, nation and world

"The End Times" the end of what? are we there? what can we do?

Apathy, ignorance, greed, disbeliefdoes humanity need a wake-up call?

Dealing with basics like lack, disease, depression, etc... what’s the real solution?

Who, What, and Why Are We?

Who are we? Why are we here?... the big ones

Rhythmic balanced interchangenothing is truly static, linear, or one-way


What Do We Want? How Can We Get There?

What do we want? How can we get there? for self, nation, and world

Spiritual paths: choices and decisionshow to choose, move, and master

How much consensus do we need?and still respect individual freedom

Separation of church and statewhere does God fit?

Healing self vs. healing the worldwhere’s the balance? …and synergy?

Evaluating self on all levelswhat are the best ways?

Responsibility to nation, world, others.… what’s needed? …and spiritual?

Being responsible and spiritual vs. fun and pleasurehow can we mix them?

When surrounded by troublecan we responsibly create our own bubble?

Warriors of light, love, and goodsuper heroes or self-serving intruders?

Empowering the rejected, abandoned, and disenchantedwhat’s possible?

Loving family, friends, and othersdo we really know how?

Loving ourselveswithout overindulging

Loving Mother Earthwhom we’ve hurt very much

Loving Godwhom we barely know and understand

Loving the many names, faces, and aspects of Godlearning from others

BEING lovethe holy grail

Being fully present and wholethe holy grail’s adjunct

Taming our egos friend or foe? …or both?

Partnering with Godwho does what? what can we expect?

Partnering with other religions, beliefs, and hated enemiescan we? can we not?

What does God need from US?e.g. loving enemies, others, and Earth

Taming, riding, and dancing with "Storms of Our Lives"PhD of Life?

Seeing the hidden gifts in problems, enemies, and even tragediesa giant leap

Good and bad; right and wrongis it clear-cut? who is qualified to judge?

Is anything unforgivable or irreparable?e.g. cursing God, suicide, genocide

Crisis, stress, anxiety, pressurewhere’s the hidden gift? …and map?

Helpful fear vs. hurtful fearguidance vs. paralysis

Grievinghow to transmute pain to gain

Paradox , confusion, overwhelm, despairhow to see new light

Joyful sufferingcan we learn from the Buddhists?

Suffering for othersany value?

Humor, fun, play, and laughter during difficult timesdoes it fit? does it work?

Prayer and meditationhow to be most effective

Intelligence of the heartdwarfing the brain

Connecting to our feelings, intuition and higher power the "Force"

Thinking vs. feelingwhere’s the balance? …and synergy?

Doing vs. being; acting vs. prayingwhere’s the balance? …and synergy?

Kinesthesiologya powerful tool for getting answers

Going to the cave or mountainwhen we need really big answers

The power of lovewhat can it really do?

The power of dreamswhy so important?

The power of love based dreaming miracle time

"I am…" affirmationssilly or powerful?

Experts, credentials, and prestigeabsolute answers or false façade?

Gurus, preachers, and teachers when does a liberator become a captor?

Telepathyhow real is it? how can it help us? how can we learn it?

Loving without enabling , martyring, or intrudingthe most difficult of dances

Understanding what’s truly neededmuch harder than most realize

The fine art of healthy communicationputting windows in walls

Support groups, community building, etchelping each other

Finding heroes and role modelscan we look to fiction and fantasy?

"Ugly ducklings"be careful whom you judge

Have you "kissed a frog" lately?you might release a prince

"Impossible " dreams come true: Disneyland, Rubel Castleinspirations

Do we have to be smart to be spiritual? or successful?

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Love of Enemies

Loving our enemies (and competitors)turning dragons into dance partners

Confronting with loveperhaps the most difficult and needed act of love

Conflict resolutionwhere everyone wins (including Mother Earth)


Responsible Use of Power

Responsible use of power: money, position, resources, technologywhat’s right?

Giving by people and business vs. giving by governmentday vs. night

Giving with wisdom and effort vs. giving for quick fix w/o prayerjoy vs. regret

Giving with love and light vs. giving for ego, control, or brush-off life vs. death

Competition: helpful or hurtful? is there a better way?

Managing abundancemore challenging than lack? are we drowning in it?

Managing complexityhow do we juggle, dance, sing, and whistle?

Managing "stuff": food, clothing, shelter, toys, hi-techhas it become our god?

Structure and planning vs. seat-of-the-pants and spontaneouspros and cons


Transmuting Spiritual Poisons

Transmuting faults and errors to virtues and opportunitiesalchemy at its best

Addictionswhat are the underlying causes? and solutions?

Gamblingwhat is the impact? are we out of control? why so much?

Disarming fear, shame, grief, hate, and other demonsour REAL enemies

Analyzing the pasthelpful or hurtful? better ways to clear old "stuff"?

Would’ve, could’ve, should’vesthe worst of tormentors? how to master?

Avoidance: e.g. responsibility, risk, discomfort, carefronting our #1 poison?

Rigid righteousness: e.g. beliefs, causes, retaliation, judgmenta close second?

Blame, punishment, self-pity, self-importance, clinging, guaranteemore poisons

Understanding the impact of these poisonsthe cause of most ills and wars

Interpreting our body’s illsthe deeper causes

Likewise for planetary ills looking for lasting solutions

Antidotes for the poisons work, risk, humility, gratitude, love, and more

Excellence, enthusiasm, excitement, ecstasyvirtues or vices?

Moderationnoble goal or mediocre cop-out?

Delayed vs. immediate gratificationwhat is the long-term impact?

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Declaration of Independence II

Drafting a new Declaration of Independencehere’s your chance


Dept. of Peace, Love, and Well-being

Creating a Dept. of Peace, Love, and Well-beingwhat could it do? …how?

New National Monument

Creating a Peace, Love, and Transformation Monument... inspiring the dream


New Constitution

Drafting a new Constitutionthe chance of all time

Do we need a national business plan?with mission, vision, values, etc.

Participatory vs. representative democracyhow would it work? how well?

Public service: volunteers vs. bureaucrats pros, cons, and possibilities

Rewards for voluntary serviceto inspire the soul

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New Bill of Rights

Drafting a new Bill of Rights... plus a Bill of Responsibilities


New Tax System

Drafting a new tax system... by ALL the people

Stewardship by Business

Drafting a Stewardship Covenantshowing REAL leadership in business

Large corporations and franchisescan they be loving? …how?


Miracle Technology

Miracle / "Crackpot" technologythe sky is no longer the limit!

Sacred geometry, art, architecture, gardens"So that’s why that moved me"

Miracle Healing of People and Planet

Miracle healing... what's possible? what's needed?

Forgiving our worst enemies (including ourselves)rough, but critical

Making amendsa powerful part of healing and transmuting

Holistic healing , diet, exercise, and lifestyleawakening and life-giving

Energy fields of the body: what are they? what do they do? how to use themintro

Fastinga powerful tool for healing, transmuting, and enlightening

Labyrinth walk, movement of all kinds (Tai Chi, Yoga, dance, etc.)transforming

Toning, chanting, and sacred sound of all kindsexpanding and healing

Other music: popular, rock, rap, country, etcwhat is the impact?

Breathwork (Yogic, Rebirthing, Holotropic, FOL, etc.)"Wow!"

Opening to very new thinking and lovingwhat are the risks? …and rewards?

Finding faith (e.g. in the "impossible")creating miracles: what stops us?

Karmado we really reap what we sow?

Reincarnationfact or fiction? helpful or hurtful?

Death and Rebirth... what's possible? what's needed?

Modern day revelations and channelingsfact or fraud? do we need them?

Starting life overwhen we can’t "put Humpty together again"

When all else fails can we count on divine grace?

Repaying God’s gracewhat’s expected? what’s best?

Recapturing the wonder, awe, and glee of childhood"Puff the Magic Dragon?"

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Miracle Children

Miracle / "Misfit" childrenrecognizing and listening to their wisdom


Miracle Abundance

Manifesting abundance... for all!from the practical to the magical

War Changed to a Sport

War games for everyonewhere conflict is fun and healthy


Friendly Aliens

What kind of life is "out there"?... could they help us?


Ascended Masters

What ARE Ascended Masters?... how can they help us?


Having the Power of the Masters

Can we perform miracles?... what is required?


Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth... what is it? how do we get it?

The excitement, joy, and synergy of shared dreams*Magic par excellence*

Finding fun and hidden treasures in shared "cleanups" (ugly or not)more magic

Mixing the right people, process, cleanups, dreams, and "cook"***Heaven?!***

New paradigms for investing and wealthbeyond money, power, and "stuff"

New paradigms for communities, housing, transportation, etcwhat’s possible?

New paradigms for learning, loving, and livingwhat’s ideal?

New paradigms for everything elsewhat do we REALLY want?

"America the Beautiful"what’s YOUR dream?

"Everything the Beautiful"what is GOD’s dream?

"From the Silly to the Sacred"what is THE dream?







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