Journey of Life 101
The Questions

What is this quest
we call life on earth?
Where are we from?
What be our search?
Is there a power
that many call God?
Or is it a myth
to keep us all grogged?
If God be true
why is it so hard
to discover the answers
and find who we are?
Why do we struggle
to love one another?
Is conflict needed
to emerge from smother?
Is love the solution
to all that we seek?
Why so elusive?
Why so weak?
Have any truly mastered
this game we call life?
Are Jesus or Buddha
models to be like?
Even they are elusive
to seekers of them
and rejected by others
who seek other gems
So what do we do
when all seems lost?
Continue to blunder?
What is the cost?
Or might there be purpose
in what we think wrong?
Could errors we make
help us be strong?
Is anyone qualified
to judge good and bad?
Or could it all be
part of God's plan?
Could suffering have value
in many hidden ways?
Can joy be possible
without darkest of days?
Is anything impossible
to transmute and abate?
What is the secret
to open heaven's gate?




Journey of Life 102
More Questions

What is beyond
this planet called Earth?
Is there life "out there"?
Can they help our new birth?
Why so much mystery
and rumors and fear?
Are we pawns and lab rats
of powers far and near?
Or could we be chosen
for the test of all time?
Could veiling be required
for some reason sublime?
Might we be powerful
beyond what we know?
Could our test be to find
new ways to grow?
Might we be admired
by God and ET's?
Might we be the brave ones
who volunteered extreme?
Might family be waiting
to welcome us home
to the ends of the universe
where we are well known?
Might we be the stars
of this universal test
to open grand paths
for all of the rest?
What is the treasure
we're all searching for?
Might love of our enemies
be key to that door?
Are we close to the goal?
Or hopelessly lost?
What can we do?
What is the cost?
Is pride in our way
hiding heaven on earth?
Is humility an answer
to end this long search?
What is the treasure
our hearts so desire?
What if the secret
is hidden in fire?

Perhaps it is time
to unite and inspire
join hands all together

so ALL can rise higher




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