How Do I Manage When I Hit "The Fire"?



What do I do
when I hit "the fire"
lost in despair
totally mired?

I know that chaos
precedes great change
But I can't see an answer
My brain is in chains

Is faith the real answer
in a holy higher power?
Transcend my thinking?
Let divine love flower?

How do I tap it?
What is my role?
I wish to contribute
to a much greater whole

I still seek automomy
and freedom of choice
while working with others
for synergistic voice

I wish not a guru
or get trapped in a cult
But I do wish community
with love, light, and clout

How do I balance
this complex life
when chaos abounds
and leaders have no sight?

How do I balance
my ego and heart
Might both be needed
to create grand art?

How do I balance
mortal and divine?
Are fleshly wants needed
for reasons sublime?

Let this fire transmute me
like iron into steel
to be a great example
that miracles are real











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