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Kariel, Angel in Training


Power, Magic, and Divine Grace... What's Possible?

Teachers, Gurus, and Leaders... Saviors or Captors?

Sinners, Criminals, and Screw-ups... Evil or Enlightened?

Spiritual vs. Secular... Where's the Balance?

Faith, Grace, and Fire

Can It Be Done?

I Need To Vent

I Need Your Help




Power, Magic, and Divine Grace...
What's Possible?

The quest for power...
what else has caused more destruction and bloodshed?
And yet...
refusing to seek and use effective power has been equally destructive...
but in far more seductive and hidden ways.
Both tempters have seduced and crushed me
into what appeared to be irreparable despair.

I now see such forces ripping at the very soul of humanity.

Will we succumb?
Is it too late already?
Do we need this experience?

These questions have tormented my soul
without mercy for over two years...
suddenly seeing with clarity the massive "errors"
of myself, company, nation, and world.

My despair went out of control.

Accompanying the despair
was a level of rage I didn't believe possible...
at self, God, and others...
for betrayals, lies, and abandonment.

I lost all hope.

Even my advanced spiritual foundation failed me.

Many times I have experienced
the magical powers of the divine,
both through external grace and internal intention.

And yet...
full mastery of these powers eluded me...
often seeming worse than when starting my search

Many traditions (from ancient to new age)
discuss and teach the magical powers of intention and manifestation.
Hollywood has glorified and magnified it.
Children dream of it.
Leaders lust after it.
And most run from it.

Why does it prove so elusive?
Why do we have so many problems?
Can we ever master it?
Can we create Heaven on Earth?
Could the keys to Heaven be hidden in the depths of Hell?

Consider the greatest leaps and miracles in history.
Did they occur smoothly?
Did they emerge from traditional channels
of education, government, religion, or business?

Or did they emerge out of chaos, despair,
and unorthodox choices?
...championed by unorthodox people
... who were rejected or persecuted
...only recognized years later?

Does it have to be that way?
Can we find less painful ways?

I see humanity in the greatest of such dilemmas right now...
approaching an extremely painful cleansing
unless we make massive changes SOON.

We have virtually unlimited resources available...
from mortal and divine.
But the majority are trapped
by the demons of fear, blame, righteousness, etc.

The Cosmic Christ tells us:
"The greatest love of all... is to confront with love;
the most hurtful... is to suppress your anger "


Does this seem contradictory?

I've never found anything more difficult...
or essential

Perhaps THIS is the key to the kingdom...
the key to REAL power...
balanced power...
responsible power

Perhaps true power lies in EVERYONE
to lead from wherever you are...
whoever you are

Perhaps power is more a responsibility
than a gift

Perhaps we each have far more power
than we realize

Perhaps our greatest power
is hidden in our worst weakness

Perhaps our greatest triumph
is hidden in our worst failure

Perhaps our greatest joy
is hidden in our deepest grief

Perhaps it's time for tears
...and celebration



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Teachers, Gurus, and Leaders...
Saviors or Captors?

Where do we go for learning, guidance, and direction?
When do our saviors become our captors?

Secular and spiritual teachers throughout the ages have warned of the dangers of placing too much trust and power in others... especially when highly concentrated or centralized. Yet... the majority continue to do so... and then criticizes them when falling short of impossible desires.

It is a very natural human tendency to seek a savior, caretaker, or simple solution... when faced with overwhelm, paradox, and despair. Even I was driven in such direction several times... despite being M. Independent and Successful for my first 35 years. I couldn't understand why anyone would need counseling, gurus, or Bibles.

Now I'm stunned at how anyone can survive without, but more stunned how ineffective or destructive most leader/follower relationships appear to be. Sooner or later, we MUST rise to a higher level, individually and collectively. We MUST take more responsibility for ourselves, distributing power among more people (ideally ALL people). We MUST connect with a higher source of power and love... whether you call it God, Spirit, Collective Unconscious, or whatever.

In today's information explosion and global communications, we are absolutely overwhelmed in everything. Even if we could trust all the information, we couldn't possibly absorb it... even a tiny fraction of it. Being bombarded with manipulation, deceit, and blatant lies makes it far worse.

What do we do?
What ARE we doing?

Many are retreating to something they feel safe in... e.g. fundamental religion with a Bible, preacher, and community that provide clear-cut answers, denounce the evil "out there", and rally around a cause to save others.

Others drown out (or numb) the unsettled feelings with food, drugs, excitement, stuff, etc.

Others are embarking on sincere quests for truth, liberty, and connection... with an elusive but powerfully attractive higher power. The traditional mainstream teachings and texts no longer satisfy these seekers. And even the myriad of new teachings and texts eventually don't satisfy them. They seek for direct contact with the SOURCE.

Eastern yogis and various mystics have sought these connections for eons, often retreating from secular life altogether. Many westerners have experimented (or immersed themselves) in such paths in recent years, often getting lost in cults led by charismatic leaders (e.g. Rajneesh, Elizabeth Claire Prophet). Are they wrong? Or just another part of the search?

Even more grounded seekers have advised or practiced direct connection with the SOURCE... often calling it intuition, subconscious, creativity, etc.

Kinesthesiology (e.g. muscle testing) has become a popular tool for connecting with one's higher knowing... where muscle strength changes according to questions or substances placed before the higher self. Many use this to choose virtually everything. It's been extremely valuable for me. I see it as a powerful step in freeing one's self from tyranny of outside controllers and inside fear (the most powerful of controllers).

Are you ready for freedom?



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Sinners, Criminals, and Screw-ups...
Evil or Enlightened?

These rejected, hated, and persecuted beings are the souls I most wish to understand and connect with... for the benefit of all. I see the "salvation" and transformation of the world somewhere beneath the outward appearance of these groups.

Unlike missionaries and evangelists, I do not wish to "save their souls" with my truth or the truth of some other. I wish to discover and empower who they truly are... and perhaps let them "save" me.

Many believe that the so-called scum and criminals may actually be some of the most advanced souls who volunteered for the most difficult paths in this lifetime (one of many lifetimes in the soul's journey). Some even suggest that Lucifer and his fallen angels were the highest of angels... volunteering for the absolute toughest of jobs... that were critically needed in God's bigger (and mysterious) plan.

I wonder who and why the outcasts really are... and what they have to offer.

At the very least, I see much of the so-called deviant behaviors direct reactions or reflections of the so-called normal people... especially those who are so convinced of their own righteousness that they are blinded to their negative impact on others (e.g. rebellious children, terrorists, etc).

Until we put massive effort (not money, rules, and punishment) into understanding and loving these "outcasts", no progress will be made...




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Spiritual vs. Secular...
Where's the Balance?

I find it very ironic that a nation (USA) that strove so hard to separate church and state... was founded largely by and for spiritual purposes. The early settlers sought religious freedom. The revolutionaries sought freedom from dictated rules and taxes. The Constitution was heavily influenced by spiritual people and principles (of various religions and beliefs... especially Masonic and Native American).

So what is needed today?

Many spiritual seekers (from fundamental to new age) refrain from mixing with secular populations and activities... especially political.

Other seekers attempt to force their beliefs on everybody else... with powerful networks of missionaries, lobbyists, and media.

Where's the balance?

If we take care of ourselves, family, and friends... will the world take care of itself?

Or are we remiss in our spiritual obligations by so much inner or local focus?

Some say that the USA was founded on a much higher level... as the greatest spiritual experiment ever (in the entire universe).

It's final exam time.



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Faith, Grace, and Fire

What does one do
when all seems lost...
deep in despair, grief, and shame
with no glimmer of hope?

What does one do
when the world looks lost...
gripped in greed, blame, and hate
and too blind to see it?

What does one do
when betrayed by friends, self, and God...
dissolving all trust, love, and hope
seeing nothing to hang on to?

Is this where we are?
Is this where we are going?

Or is there yet hope...
hidden deep in this fire?

Is this fire
the greatest of all gifts?

Is it time
to reach for the stars
beyond everything we know
beyond everything we see?

Perhaps it is time
to let go of all
even our "self"
even our "god"

Perhaps we must trust
in something far greater
something unknown
something unseen

Blind faith?
God's grace?
New birth?

Divine fire






Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.

'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
And grace my fears relieved.
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed.

Through many dangers, toils and snares
I have already come;
'Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far
And grace will lead me home.

The Lord has promised good to me
His word my hope secures;
He will my shield and portion be,
As long as life endures.

Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
and mortal life shall cease,
I shall possess within the veil,
A life of joy and peace.

When we've been there ten thousand years
Bright shining as the sun,
We've no less days to sing God's praise
Than when we've first begun.




Can It Be Done?


Is this what's needed, Lord?
This dream of all dreams?
Are we on the right track?
Are we in the right time?

Is it too late or too big?
For me, friends, and world?
Are we too messed up?
Is it beyond even you?
We've screwed up so much
The pain is so high
We're surrounded by blindness
Denial is even higher
Those who know least
seem sure they know most
and bamboozle the masses
with smooth talk and boasts



Even New Agers
who seem so sincere
repulse me with rhetoric
that tires my ears



And YOU... and your channels
often fill me with rage
tired of your fluff talk
about a magic new age


Why so much paradox?
Contradictions galore?
Why so much betrayal?
Are you a farce and a bore?
Why do you refuse me
time after time?
Are your teachings all bullshit
about faith in divine?


Are my struggles my tests
for reasons unknown?
What are the measures?
How do I know?



I don't mind suffering
if part of the plan
But I do wish teaching
to learn best I can




Can our errors be transmuted?
They're so massive and many
Is this dream the way?
 Is it way too heavy?










I Need To Vent

I need to vent
to let off much steam
from years of anger
for betrayal by thee
Perhaps I agreed
before I was born
to experience my anguish
of ache, scream, and mourn
Perhaps I agreed
to betrayal and scorn
by those I most trusted
and those I adored
Yes, there are gifts
in feeling this pain...
compassion for others
lost and ashamed
Vast blessings are born
from the heat of the fire
like seeds of the pine tree
for new to rise higher
Perhaps I agreed
to no rescue by thee
But damn... it's scary
if you refuse to help me
I've cursed you severe
for refusing me so
"You son of a bitch
Damn your soul"
Are you angry or laughing
for such disrespect?
Or do you hurt with me
as we both do our best?
I need new help
direct from "The Force"
Books and teachers
are an inadequate source

Yes, I've received
gifts rich and sublime
I'm humbled and grateful
They were dearly divine
I hope we can laugh
when we all meet some day
to recount this drama






I Need Your Help



I need your help
mortals and divine
I wish to help all
make a grand new design

I have many ideas
inspired by God
They're WAY beyond me
They need a huge "mob"

We're drowning in poisons
that most don't see
We blame, numb, avoid
pain that we need

Do you wish to rise higher?
Or stay stuck in the mud?
Work is required
along with the fun

Humility is the first step...
willing to change
Then acknowledge the poisons
that keep you in chains

Teachers are many
if you dare to risk
But those with smooth talk
are those to resist

We tend attack
those sent by God
and twist God's own word
to strike with the rod

"Do good to those who hate you"
the master did say
Do you follow these words
each and every day?

Are you willing to try?
Really walk the talk?
This IS a new day
Arise! And walk!





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