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Launch Event Proposal

What, Where, When, Who
Planning and Preparation



We see a launch event of unparalleled importance…
inspiring America to massive change

Four to five days




City of Angels (LA)…
home of dreamers and dreams come true
Washington DC (in the steps of Martin Luther King)

We prefer outdoors (e.g. Angel Stadium)…
room for many, contact with the elements,
space to dance, space to camp,
giant screen, press box for those who need it




Week after Christmas 05 (Time of Miracle Birth)
Synergize with Festival of Roses…
e.g. shared theme, messages (floats), music,
participants, TV, audience

July 4th (if in Washington DC)




The most diverse and determined
movers and shakers ever assembled






Opening Ceremony and Speech
Other Ceremonies and Mixers
Workshops, Exhibits, Presentations
Closing Ceremonies



Opening Ceremony and Speech

We see a speech and ceremony
making Dr. King proud...
inspiring unprecedented change

click here for details

"I Have a Dream" speech


Other Ceremonies and Mixers...
open hearts, heal souls, and transmute barriers to bridges

*Prayer ceremonies... for enemies, our inner enemy, and other rejected or persecuted souls

*Dream ceremonies... sharing and energizing desires, affirmations, and visualizations for a world of our dreams (i.e. heaven on earth)

*A tribute to dreamers and dreams come true... writers, directors, artists, inventors, explorers, and other visionaries and pathfinders

*A tribute to others who shaped us... family, friends, teachers, leaders, heroes, protectors, nature, God… and enemies

*Sharing of pain, fear, needs, and dreams... by the rejected , hated, and incarcerated (including terrorists): for all to hear and feel

*Shedding of tears ceremonies... for creators and receivers of pain

*Commitment to change ceremonies
... for all so moved

*Healing and blessing ceremonies... with gifted healers of several types

*Sweat lodges... for the fearful, broken, suffering, and skeptical

*Fire circles... led by several indigenous cultures... sharing ritual, respect, wisdom, and tears

*Drum circles... for the elderly, mentally ill, and incarcerated

*Building of brotherhood ceremonies... for and by leaders of nations, business, and military

*Designing and planning a permanent peace monument... by the worst of enemies

*Sharing of poetry, music, and stories... for left-brained drivers

*Sharing of success stories
(e.g. enemies to friends, frogs to princes, breakdowns to breakthroughs) and other "Soup for the Soul"

*Sharing of wisdom, love, and light by the children... with the adults doing the listening

*Playing in the mud, painting faces, making silly sounds, sharing nursery rhymes, playing with food... for adults

*Celebration of life ceremonies... led by leaders of all major religions

*Dances of peace, joy, and love... with enemies, dragons, and demons

*Tug-of-war, sack races, and other picnic games... with angels in the outfield

*Circles of song, sound, and magic... with God as guest magician/musician

*Sunrise/sunset ceremonies… seeing and feeling the magnetic magic of "our star"

*Star dreaming… What if there IS life out there? What if we could meet them or go there? Could they help or teach us?

*God dreaming… What does God want us to do? What if we ask Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and Moses to appear and speak?

*Banquet of bread, water, and silence




Workshops, Panels, Exhibits, and Presentations
covering a very broad spectrum…
facilitated by top masters in their fields

More about Workshops


Closing ceremonies

We see a grand celebration …
recapping event highlights, future visions, savoring and celebrating the miracle of life (and the present moment).

· Acknowledgments
· Recaps and visions
· Music, dancing, drumming, singing, light show, visuals, liberty bell…
· "Surprise" guests
· and much much more

Click here for a cyberspace sampling of ceremonies


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· Edits to the speech: Is there too much to absorb? Are the poems too long? Is it too powerful or dreamy? …or too mild and accommodating?
· Who could best produce and direct event?
· What are the pros, cons, and potential for synergizing with Festival of Roses?
· Pricing, payments, scholarships, etc. (e.g. available to all, mostly volunteer effort)
· Sponsors

· Much prep work is needed to prepare the space energetically… physically and etherically (e.g. Feng Suei, smudging, etc.)
· Prayer, ritual, and/or meditation is needed to open and close appropriate energy
· We'd like to incorporate all elements… e.g. Olympic type flame, fountain of water, garden of stones and flowers, flowing and rustling of wind
· Much effort is needed to outline action plans for after the event (leveraging heavily off existing resources and efforts)



· Internet/email… if enough people are inspired, it'll spread like a S. Cal. fire
· Direct mail
· Personal invites
· Key leaders and TV personalities… Oprah, Bill Moyers, Larry King, TBN, CBN, Robert Schuller (Crystal Cathedral is very close to Angel Stadium)

Ideas for email/mailer:

Do you want to be part of creating and manifesting
The dream of all dreams
For America, the world, and yourself?

Transmuting our worst nightmares
Into the miracle of all time

Come join us
In the City of Angels
Dreamers                                   Los Angeles
And dreams come true

In the Angels' home
Near Cinderella's castle         Angel Stadium
And magic kingdom

During the week of miracle birth    Dec. 27-30
And festival of radiant roses


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"Victory attained by violence
is tantamount to a defeat,
for it is momentary"

Charlton Heston

Sydney Poitier

Jimmy Carter

Gerald Ford

Laura Bush

Ms. Martin Luther King

Oprah Winfrey

Larry King

Colin Powell

Neil Armstrong

Buzz Aldrin

John Glenn
"One who condones evils
is just as guilty as
the one who perpetrates it"

is more important
than knowledge..."

Julie Andrews

Shirley Jones

Carol Burnett

Bill Cosby

Dick Van Dyke

Julia Roberts

Barbara Streisand

Robin Williams

Peter, Paul, and Mary

Neil Diamond

Lindsay Wagner

Steven Spielburg

"Let us never negotiate
out of fear.
But let us never
fear to negotiate"
"That government is best
which governs the least,
because its people
discipline themselves"

George Lucas

JMS (Babylon 5 creator)

Judy Collins

Pat Robertson

Robert Schuller

Marianne Williamson

Scott Peck

Mathew Fox

Celine Dion

"Forrest Gump"

Joan Baez

Meg Ryan
"If you can dream it,
you can do it"
"Force is all-conquering,
but its victories
are short-lived"

Shirley Temple Black

Whoopi Goldberg

Martin Sheen

Michael Douglas

Eddie Murphy

Mel Gibson

Christopher Reeve

Elton John

Kenny Rogers


Kevin Costner

Robert Redford
"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle.
I just wish that He didn't trust me so much"
"Search others for their virtues,
thyself for thy vices"

Jane Fonda

Patrick Stewart

Leonard Nimoy

Steve Allen

Bill Moyers

Barbara Marx Hubbard
James Dobson

Dennis Kucinich

Dan Millman

Carolyn Myss

Deepak Chopra

Gregory Peck

"Hatred does not cease by hatred,
but only by love;
"Intellectual passion
dries out sensuality "

Close relative of Walt Disney

Annette Funicello

Dorothy Hamill

Peggy Flemming

Debbie Reynolds

Doc Severinson

Chuck Mangione

Lorne Greene

Roy Rogers

A Native American

A highly respected
Islamic leader
"Love your enemies.
Do good
to those who hate you"

For more quotes from visionaries, click here



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An alternate launch approach could be championed by the Whitehouse.
It would be a real stretch...
requiring unprecedented willingness
to consider new ideas, self-examination, and reinvention.
An epiphany by the president could catalyze it...
either by divine intervention, or by prayers and letters from the masses.


The president gathers 30-50 people from every walk of life and belief.
These people are the best minds and souls to be found...
willing to transcend personal biases for the common good...
selected by the most divinely inspired process we can imagine.

They gather to brainstorm "Heaven on Earth"
creating a few proposals for "the people"
that range from the practical to the "impossible"


Also perhaps.



Sample letter to the president




Still another approach for launching would utilize a unique city and community
that has extremely diverse, balanced, and quality resources...
plus the most enthusiastic people and sense of community we've seen anywhere...
Madison, Wisconsin

A few of its resources:

Camp Randall Stadium (U. of Wis.)
Newly rennovated landmark with magic charisma...
for over 80,000 people

State Capitol Building
Perhaps the most captivating public building anywhere...
with potential for an incredible sacred sound event

Olbrich Gardens
World class gardens with a community feel...
including a rare and mystical Thai Pavillion

Kohl Center
State-of-the-art indoor stadium...
for over 17,000 people

Overture Center
New $200M cultural arts center...
rivalling centers in much larger cities

University of Wisconsin
Rich and beautiful campus...
in aesthetics, activities, and learning

Diverse and effective movers and shakers
Political, social, spiritual, environmental, holistic

Rich cultural background
Native American, Scandanavian, etc.

Vast range of events, activities, and learning opportunities
Almost overwhelming


In addition...

If the event is held near July 4th,
it could synergize with two very powerful events...

Rhythm and Booms
A $500K wonder...
drawing 250K people

Drums on Parade
Indescribable tingles, tears, and awe...
transcending with "You'll Never Walk Alone"


And to proclaim our new freedom
to Heaven and Earth...

We can gather liberty bell replicas
from all 50 states
for the greatest resonance
of all time

Let Freedom Ring




Madison: Author of the Constitution
by Lake Monona: "Lake of the Morning"
in Wisconsin: "Gathering of the Waters"
at the dawn of
The Age of Aquarius

"From the top of a hill
on the north side of Lake Mendota
I gained a last wistful, lingering view
of the beautiful university grounds and buildings
where I had spent so many hungry and hopeful and happy days.
There with streaming eyes
I bade my blessed Alma Mater farewell"
-John Muir
(As he left for the "University of the Wilderness")







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