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Opening Ceremony and Speech




Opening Music . Opening Prayer

Poem of Tears

Keynote Speech 'We Need a Dream'

Encore and Celebration



Opening Music

Medley from Event Music List
Finishing with "Thus Spake Zarathustra" … leading into prayer


The music for this event presents a diverse balance of energies:
e.g. expanding and contracting, exciting and calming, growing and healing, old and new.
We intend it to open hearts and inspire souls in ways seldom seen before...
to build a magic foundation and framework for this event, quest, and dream.

May you find your own special dream.


More about the Music


Opening Prayer


Oh dear God of all that is
May you and all your angels
Be with us at this most critical time EVER
For humanity, Mother Earth, and the universe

Please help
Open our hearts, minds, and souls
To hear, feel, and see
Know, do, and BE

All that is needed
To heal and transmute
Ourselves and world
In harmony with your greater plan

Help us release
All that holds us back
Our fear, grief, and hate
Our greed, pride, etc.

Help us trust
That NOTHING is beyond hope
No matter how ugly or shameful
Massive or complex

Knowing that
Our biggest problems
Are our biggest opportunities
If we forgive, believe, and love

Forgive us
Our most hurtful errors
Especially our disbelief
In you, ourselves, and others

Help us
Truly learn and practice
That L word… LOVE
Especially when tough

To better love
ALL that is
Including our enemies
And the dark part of ourselves

And help us
Truly know and be with YOU
To help co-create

Amen    Amen    Amen!







"Before We Dream, We Need Tears"

<Start playing (softly) "How the West Was Lost" >

Cry beloved America
We grieve for (y)our soul
Cry beloved America
We've dug a very deep hole

Cry beloved America
We've lost what made us great
Cry beloved America
Our light has dimmed of late

Cry beloved America
We've hurt ourselves and others
Cry beloved America
We've even hurt Earth Mother

Cry beloved America
We've succumbed to fear and greed
Cry beloved America
We've lost sight of others' needs

Cry beloved America
Our pain is so severe
Cry beloved America
We plead all to hear

Cry beloved America
We see much good in you
Cry beloved America
Deep down your soul is true





Cry beloved America
Please save us from hell
Cry beloved America
Ring a new liberty bell

Cry beloved America
Time is running out
Cry beloved America
We must get out and shout

Cry beloved America
We do love thee so
Cry beloved America
We ache to heal (y)our soul


For more about Chief Seattle and his landmark speech


Cry beloved America
We know solutions to your fear
Cry beloved America
We give to those who hear

Cry beloved America
We must begin the work
Cry beloved America
Oh yes, it may hurt

Cry beloved America
Our potential is sky high
Cry beloved America
But we must let go our pride



Cry beloved America
Seek healing before gain
Cry beloved America
Feel the others' pain

Cry beloved America
Your tears will be rewarded
Cry beloved America
We shudder if they're thwarted

Cry beloved America
Cry beloved America
Cry beloved America


< Show photos and headlines of problems, corruption, fear, etc>


Play a medley of:
"Kum Ba Ya My Lord"
"I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"
"Lullaby" (Children of Sanchez)
"You'll Never Walk Alone"
"My Heart Goes On"
"Over the Rainbow"

Finish with a tolling bell













We need a dream

like never before
the dream of all dreams
the dream of all time


We present the story of Apollo 11
as an inspiring testament
to the miraculous power of a shared dream and quest...
making possible the "impossible"


On May 25, 1961
President John F. Kennedy challenged Congress
to send a man to the moon by the end of the decade



We need a dream

to heal
the most fearful of souls
broken of hearts
sickly of bodies
disturbed of minds


We need a dream

to transmute
the most hideous of hate
ghastly of greed
rigid of righteousness
lowest of laziness



"We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too."


Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin and Michael Collins



We need a dream

to inspire
the most uninspirable
most disenchanted
most adversarial
and the rest of the world

We need a dream




We've lost our way, America
a way that made us great
a way that made us strong
a way that made us the light of the world

But look at us now
at our fear, greed, and arrogance
at our hate, lust, and apathy
at our blame, sloth, and righteousness

Look, really look
and feel, really feel
Where has our light gone, America?
Where has our love gone?

We must change, America
and help the world change
if we wish to survive
for the dangers of collapse are immense

so are the opportunities
IF… we recognize our errors
and commit to massive change

Starting in ourselves
then joining with others
For if we don't work together
we will surely die alone

Yes, it will hurt
Yes, tears need to flow
But that's part of healing
If not… we're all toast

The key is that L word
that we talk about much
but poorly practice
especially when tough

How do we change?
and effectively love?
Start with desire
and willing to risk

For if we fail to risk
we are guaranteed to fail

However… a marvelous rainbow awaits us
if we "Walk through the storm…"


a world where we listen to, learn from, and even love our enemies
thanking them for challenging us and stimulating our growth
like a sports opponent or a dance partner
enemies such as: terrorists, competitors… even politicians

"Impossible" you say?
Yet… who were our hated enemies six decades ago?
And who are our friends today? And why?

Why does this largely Christian nation ignore its strongest teaching
 (i.e. loving enemies)?
Is there any love in our treatment of terrorists
or other evil doers?
Do we seek to understand the reasons: e.g. their pain, fear…
or our part causing it?
Do we offer to help them (without intruding)…
or correct ourselves?

Do we know the consequences of force, violence, and punishment?
Do we find any honor in judging, blaming, or attacking?
Do we ask why Jesus was so strong about loving enemies?
Do we truly know how to love (especially the tough kind)?

Do we realize that our present approach
will only make things worse?




Is there any love in our treatment of convicted felons
violent teenagers
drug pushers
child molesters?



Is there any love in our treatment of other religions
political opponents
bosses who abuse us
partners who betray us?

Is there any love in our treatment of business competitors
investment opponents
professionals who err
abusers of animals and Earth?



July 16, 1969

Is there any love in our treatment of our own dark side
who messed up
hurt, blamed, or punished others
hurt, shamed, or punished ourselves?

Is there any love in our treatment of other "pseudo" enemies:
those we've hurt
allowed others to hurt
ignored pleas for help?

And as we built this nation...

Was there any love of those who already lived here
those we forced here from Africa
those we exploited from China and Mexico
those we interned in WWII?



What if…
these "enemies" are sent by God
to test us
and reflect to us
our own faults?



What if…
our worst enemies and errors
are our greatest opportunities
to heal and transmute
ourselves and world?


What if…
the toughest darkest lives
(e.g. bad guys, mess-ups, etc.)
are given to
most advanced souls?


What if…
we ask our enemies to work with us
to disarm the real enemies:
fear, greed, hate, pride, etc?
That's when miracles will fly


It's time to walk the talk, America

Our work will be rewarded





Imagine further…

A world filled with peace
and abundance

With trust
and forgiveness

With wisdom
and LOVE


"Another wishy-washy pipe-dream" you say?
We too were repulsed by such talk for years
But now is different… not only desirable, but critical to our survival

What if…
we make a collective commitment
to identify and transmute our faults and errors
with goals, plans, tools, and rewards
for individuals, groups, and nation

What if…
we change our government to support this effort:
e.g. Dept. of Peace, Love, and Well-being (mostly volunteer)
a network of support, education, and evaluation (mostly volunteer)
including the hated, hateful, and adversarial

What if…
we build a national monument
to inspire and commemorate this great change
stretching the limits
of our imagination
and love


What if…
we finally embrace and live
President Kennedy's powerful challenge:
"Ask not what your country can do for you

but what you can do for your country"

What if…
we stretch even further
to ask:
"What can I/we do for our world
and what can I/we do
for our enemies?"


What if…
we create and sign this covenant as a nation
with ALL participating (i.e. NOT just politicians)
and call it
Declaration of Independence II

this time, from the REAL tyrant… US

July 20, 1969

This will give us direction
and healing

This will build true greatness
and love


This will awaken the alienated
to believe again
trust again
connect again

This will empower the despondent
to hope again
live again
laugh again



This will touch our enemies
causing them to pause
and reconsider their actions
if we follow our cause

This will trigger miracles
inspiring divine help
to transmute our nightmares
into dreams come true


This will inspire the world
to follow our lead
or join with us
in true sister and brotherhood

This… will excite even Heaven
with tears of joy
and great anticipation
humanity's greatest leap ever

"Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed."


Then we can REALLY dream:

empowering the general populace
to participate and vote in all parts of government
(i.e. NOT just politicians, bureaucrats, and special interests).

It's possible NOW.


with a corresponding Bill of Responsibilities,
clearly stating what is expected
to earn and maintain our precious freedoms…

with rewards for excelling.

that people actually LIKE and SUPPORT…
offering choices and rewards that inspire the s
We see ways this can happen.


"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

via money, policies, volunteers, etc.
Many have found such giving to improve their profit
via increased morale, sales, serendipity, etc.

that solves virtually ALL our physical challenges
(e.g. energy, health, transportation, pollution)
PLUS fulfilling dreams of fantasy
(e.g. intergalactic travel, transmutation, holodecks).
These are
real and available IF we clean up our act
(e.g. using our gifts and power for common good).


(i.e. only for those who need this kind of excitement).
"Absurd" you say?
Again, if we embrace the above dreams,
it can happen.

to help solve our problems, show us new paradigms,
or take us to other galaxies!
If enough ask with pure intent and action
(e.g. embracing the above dreams),
it could happen!

appearing, speaking, and healing… together.
Again, if enough ask with pure intent and action…
it could happen!



(as he promised)

If we really commit to these dreams
and really really commit to new thinking
and really really really commit to new loving…








(as long promised)


If we really commit to these dreams

and really really commit to new thinking

and really really really commit to new loving…










What if…
to reflect our new dreams?

What if…
we call it "America the Beautiful"?

What if…
it already exists?

Like the other dreams…
it's there if we choose it.

<Start playing "America…" softly>


We need a dream, America
We need to help each other
We need our God to help us
We need to heal Earth Mother

We need a hero's courage
We need an athlete's strength
We need a godlike wisdom
We need love's power and length

May we face the fear that binds us
Finding faith to risk the new
May we build a grand new nation
That sparkles like the dew



May we tame the storms that thrash us
Or ride their waves with grace
May we master using love and light
To tame or ride like an ace

May we heal the wounds that hurt us
With forgiveness, tears, and faith
May we help to heal all others
Releasing blame and hate

May we nurture those around us
With patience, trust, respect
May we tell them when they irk us
Dropping judgment and reject



May we embrace those who hate us
And seek to understand
May we transmute our inner tyrant
To shine where e'r we land

May we better love Earth Mother
Who has given us so much
May we know that she is hurting
And needs our caring touch

May we rest our rigid righteousness
From all we've held like glue
May we open to new paradigms
So grand new dreams come through



May we not forget our humor
When life gets rough and tough
May we laugh and play like children
To balance all our serious stuff

May we share our wealth with others
Especially those in need
May we use our utmost humble care
To enhance their self-esteem

May we see the gift in problems
As chance to grow ourselves
May we discover self-improvement
As the way to help all else


May we climb our massive mountains
Without whining, doubt, or rest
May we feel elation bigtime
When we win our lifetime tests

May we find those devil demons
Are guides of the greatest type
May we learn that broken hearts
Are gates to heaven… and LIFE

May we face the devil himself
Looking deep into his eyes
May we shine our light of healing love


May we let there be no limit
To what we dream about
May we trust that help is with us
Dispelling all our doubt

May we drop discount of dreamers
Who break beyond the blue
May we thank them for their vision
To tap tomorrow's truth

May we take the time to pause
And honor those who shaped us
May we feed our hearts and souls
With reverence and forgiveness

May we marvel at the magic
Like precious children do
May we thank the Lord for helping
If not, our gifts be few


Mission Control after splashdown

Yes, America
We need a dream
The dream of all dreams
The dream of all time



Yes, America
We need a dream
The dream of all dreams
The dream of all time



Yes, America
We need a dream
The dream of all dreams
The dream of all time

<Orchestra: hold chord and drum roll>



May we dream

<Higher chord>



And dream

<Higher chord>

And dream


<Higher chord>


At home in the Smithsonian






<Add choir… with power: AMERICA! AMERICA!…>







Encore and Celebration

We see a long nonstop "encore" following speech:
medleys of music, drumming, short solos, chanting (audience),
visuals (screen), dancing in/with audience, light/laser show, maybe fireworks…
AND a powerful multicolor and flowing beacon to heaven, creating
the most inspiring and dazzling vision ever

Visuals would include: inspiring scenes, text from speech, commitments/ affirmations, photos of visionaries
A children's choir (as a second choir) would be very moving and balancing
Hand drums could provide power, grounding, balance, and connection (tribal)
Speakers in colonial dress would touch the patriotic (plus patriotic music)
A liberty bell (ringable) would have strong emotional impact


Click here to go to Encore Celebration




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Keynote Speech Proposal
Who, What, Why We Are
Declaration of Independence II
Dream of Dreams
Trail of Tears
New National Monument
Dept of Peace, Love, & Well-being
New Constitution
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Future Plans
Bill of Responsibilities




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