Launch Event Proposal
Keynote Speech Proposal
Who, What, Why We Are
Declaration of Independence II
Dream of Dreams
Trail of Tears
New National Monument
Dept of Peace, Love, & Well-being
New Constitution
Links and Bridges
Future Plans
Bill of Responsibilities

Future Plans

"We need men who can dream of things that never were."
-John F. Kennedy


We're not yet sure how this quest will evolve after the launch event.
Several possibilities:

A "clearinghouse" or "hub" that simply points to
the many fine resources and quests already in place

Focusing on a few of the listed projects...
finding existing or new champions for the remainder

Sponsoring a yearly gathering modeled on the Launch Event

Seeding local groups and gatherings modeled on the Launch Event

Creating a TV series

Expanding to a global network

Merging with one or more other groups
e.g. Global Renaissance, Evolve, IONS, New Civilizations







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