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New National Monument
Peace, Love, Transformation

"I have a dream
that one day this nation will rise up
and live out the true meaning of its creed"

-Martin Luther King

We see a network of monuments, interconnected with visual and audio to create a living and growing connection of people around the world
- A blending of spiritual and practical, of dreams and action, left-brain and right-brain: e.g. beautiful meditation temples with hi-tech broadcast/communication systems; "miracle " technology exhibits; "miracle" healing exhibits
- A blending of cultures, beliefs, traditions, etc.
- Incorporating primary physical elements: earth, air, fire, water
- Built with very "clean" energy: materials, location, geometry, layout, process, people, meditations, funding, etc.
- Light beacons to heaven and world, symbolizing our interconnectedness
- Permanent fire, which may grow and recede with the seasons (likewise for flame color)… symbolizing the seasons of life, and the unique beauty in each

- Healing and transmutation spaces and facilities
- Spaces for seasons/aspects of life: e.g. birth, death, joy, grief, etc.
- Spaces for creative and spiritual games (with magic, mystery, and more)
- Hidden meanings, symbols, etc
- Labyrinths, mazes, secret passages, puzzles, etc.
- Sacred geometry, sound, light, movement, chambers, etc.

- Ongoing sharing of meditations, prayers, discussion forums, dance, art, science, culture, etc.
- Exhibits and activities to continually evolve and grow

From "Kariel"

Incorporate all the aspects described above, plus…

  • - Initiate in Washington, DC (Roosevelt Island?)
    - Half underground, half above ground… symbolizing the balance between heaven and earth, visible and invisible, male and female, etc. etc.
    - The above ground portion composed of six separated structures, arranged and shaped using sacred geometry guidelines
    - Beacons of light projecting from each structure: skyward, to each other, and outward… symbolizing our connection to God, self, and others
    - Beacons to slowly change color and intensity… symbolizing the rhythmic balanced interchange of life
    - Holographic images (inside or out)… symbolizing the holographic nature of life
    - Ongoing sacred sound and music… to demonstrate and symbolize the creative and healing power of sound
    - Choreographed fountains of water, steam, light, and music: e.g. Las Vegas Belagio, Atlanta Olympic Park
    - Giant flower that opens and closes… the unfolding flower of life
    - Flower petals partly transparent or translucent : e.g. meshes, clear material
    - Colored flowing water through veins of flower petals
    - Holographic images of peace, love, brotherhood, etc: dove, olive branch, radiant heart, clasped hands, rose, etc… in center of flower and fountains
    - Rising steam or smoke to enhance the image
    - Circle of partial pyramids as outer ring
    - Show begins when a circle of people join hands (surrounding the pool and flower)
    -Network of underground tunnels and tubes, reaching deep into the earth... like roots of a tree
    - Root tunnels initiate from each above-ground structure, spiralling and branching both downward and outward... connecting with other root systems
    - Tunnel networks facilitate physical and spiritual journeys... walking, crawling, sliding, climbing; growing, falling, healing, ascending
    - Tunnel journeys to have a vast range of experiences, challenges, and choices... stimulating and testing physical, emotional, intellectual, and physical; simulating the many seasons and aspects of life
    Above-ground structures to provide journeys that balance, enrich, and complete the underground journeys
    - Designed and approved by a national cooperative effort… demonstrating new ways of working together
    - Funded half by donations, half by federal funds
    - Built with volunteers… taking time to pray, play, and give gratitude







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