Launch Event Proposal
Keynote Speech Proposal
Who, What, Why We Are
Declaration of Independence II
Dream of Dreams
Trail of Tears
New National Monument
Dept of Peace, Love, & Well-being
New Constitution
Links and Bridges
Future Plans
Bill of Responsibilities


"Try not to become a man of success
but rather to become a man of value"
-Albert Einstein

We envision this page summarizing all ventures and plans.
Included will be goals, plans, team, schedule, etc.


Initial projects (in priority order) for 2004:

Website development

Connecting with others

Attracting champions

Refining the dream


And then on to the REAL projects
(either directly or through others):

Launch event and speech
Website forum 
Declaration of Independence II
Department of Peace, Love,
and Well-being
New Constitution

New Bill of Rights...
and Responsibilities

New national anthem
"America the Beautiful"

New tax system

Stewardship by business
Miracle technology network 
New national monument...
"Peace, Love, and Transformation" 
Miracle Healing
support network

Miracle Children
support network


Loving Enemies
education and support network

Heaven on Earth


  "For love is heaven
and heaven is love"

-Sir Walter Scott


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