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Bill of Responsibilities

The greatest love of all... is to confront with love;
the most hurtful... is to suppress your anger
-Cosmic Christ


Freedom is not free
Freedom is not easy
Freedom is not a right
Freedom must be earned

American freedom is in danger.
We've given away vast responsibilities
to leaders, teachers, and caregivers
and to greed, fear, and sloth

Most are quick to blame, preach, and judge
and slow to listen, forgive, and change.
We are quick to be "right"
and slow to admit wrong

When will we learn
the true path to freedom,
the true path to heaven,
the true path to LIFE?

Will demanding more "rights"
be of help?
Will changing our "leaders"
solve our ills?

Wake up, America
and see the real light
Look deep inside you
for the fundamental right

Wake up, America
and take back your power
assuming responsibility
for what you let flower

Wake up, America
and search self for vices
while seeking in all others
hidden gifts and lightness

Wake up, America
and open up thy mind
to let love and light flow
so sublime so sublime






And so, my fellow Americans:
ask not what your country can do for you;
ask what you can do for your country
-John F. Kennedy




Nothing is more hurtful and destructive
than silent hatred, resentment, and criticism.
It is the recipe for exploding violence, addiction, insanity, and more.

Confronting with love
(e.g. without judgment, attack, or punishment)
is your challenge.
-Cosmic Christ





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and New Bill of Rights links
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