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Who, What, and Why Are We?
(i.e. The founders)

We are a small group of seekers, dreamers, and doers who awakened to new callings following very successful careers in school, sports, business, and technology. This work is partly original (if there is such a thing) and largely borrowed… adding our own "special sauce".

Our intent is to do our absolute best to help transmute the world's current nightmares into the long promised "heaven on earth"… doing our best to keep egos out it. This work was largely motivated by severe crisis and despair, believing we "screwed up" beyond hope, failing our life missions, causing major damage to people and world… even though spiritual guides assured us otherwise.

Our paths have been very roundabout, having no interest in social, political, or spiritual issues for most of our lives… strongly avoiding anything resembling this type of work (preferring fun, pleasure, and other self-indulgent activities). Even now, we quiver at what we're proposing: "Who are we to propose such dreams? Isn't there an easier more moderate way? Is there still hope? It's too complex and massive, God! We don't WANT to be heroes… or famous! We don't LIKE dealing with difficult people… or situations! We LIKED doing our own thing… quietly! We LIKED our creature comforts… and pleasures! Why didn't we choose a smoother smarter (or dumber) path… long ago? God, why didn't you guide us… or warn us… or pick (on) someone else?!### How could we be so stupid? …and blind? …and irresponsible? 'Scream', 'Curse', 'Whine', 'Complain', etc."

So… is this work our "penance", God's humor, or divine planning?

We have much to offer and much to learn, feeling sometimes inspired, sometimes lost, and usually humbled… by the awesome complexity and mystery of life. We seek to connect with exactly the right beings to complement us and synergize with us.

May you listen to your knowing
And connect within your soul
To find out if your highest self
Desires to play a role

May you dream with all your being
And love with all your heart
This precious world you're part of
To create a grand new start

May we do our work so needed
With feet square on the ground
To balance all our wildest dreams
When heads float in the clouds

May we truly learn to dance
With the fiercest of our dragons
And appreciate their fire and power
As fuel to 'mute our demons

YES, we believe in magic
YES, we believe in you
YES, we believe in all mankind
Together, we can make this true

We ARE the dreamers
We ARE all one
We ARE the love and light of God
Our battles will be won

We ARE the dreamers
We ARE all one
We ARE the love and light of God
Our battles will be won

We ARE the dreamers
We ARE all one
We ARE the love and light of God
Our battles…          WILL     BE     WON




Kariel, Angel in Training

Tigger, Tiger in Training

Ugly Duckling, Future Swan

Dances With Dragons, Chief Alchemist

Slave, Chief Steward

Bloomin Idiot, Chief Counselor

Prince Charmless, Chief Frog

Bucko, Chief Lover

Divine Fool, Chief Everything

Don Carl Quixote, Chief Dreamer

Soaring Eagle, Chief Seer

Cosmic Christ, Chief Wayshower

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Kariel, Angel in Training
"My Dream For a National/World Monument"

I dream of a physical structure
connected to other structures
throughout the world
that will facilitate
spiritual awakening and transmutation

I see this structure
reaching beyond current rules and limits
blurring the boundary between physical and imaginary

I see adventures and challenges
that test and inspire the human spirit
uniting ALL spirits
to co-create Heaven on Earth


Then may we be…

Workers of light
Channels of love
Creators of life

One with I AM


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Tigger, Tiger in Training
"I Love to Play"


I love to play
What more can I say?
When others are serious
I scream "La Di Day!"

I bounce up and down
with the glee of a child
I just love the feel of it
and get really wild

Do I have to be serious
and worry about others?
Will it help if I suffer
for sins of my brothers?

Or is there a balance
and deep need for both...
the silly and sacred...
a heavenly betroth

I'd happily change
if I trusted those in charge
But their lengthy rules and preachings
feel like slimy filthy lard

I'm extremely suspicious
of anything they say
Their heads are run by ego
Their hearts are made of clay

The masses aren't much better
as they whine about their lot
They blame the politicians
for the things they ain't got

I want a hard commitment
from ALL the nation's flock
to rise above the poisons
and work around the clock

I want these words in writing
for all the world to see
I want accountability
if reniging this decree

Yes, I will work
Yes, I will pray

But don't take away
my precious precious play

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Ugly Duckling, Future Swan
"My Story and Perspectives"


I write to share a little of "my story" and present perspectives.

Like, Don Carl Quixote, I went from a Heaven to Hell life, with many amazing similarities (probably why we were drawn together). My youth and young adult years were rich beyond belief (from my view), but severely shattered in the late 80's with several massive wake-up calls. These pulled me into a long intense search (inner and outer), filled with suffering and persecution, but also with magic and miracles.

Perhaps the most significant part of my search was an excruciatingly intimate awareness of how imbalanced our world is. Yet… I also was awed at how much potential we have… with many brave pioneers already paving the way.

My sensitivity to personal and world suffering often paralyzes me in anguish. Yet… I'm learning to transmute that pain into gainful action. I now see opportunities in the most horrendous of situations (the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity)... situations that have powerful suction into the poisons of avoidance, blame, punishment, righteousness, etc. And I ALWAYS find deeper causes to problems than initially apparent… with ALL parties contributing (e.g. the so-called "normal" or "good" people being just as responsible as the "criminals" or "bad" people).

I have felt the anguish and despair of countless issues or peoples that I previously had little or no awareness of… stunned at how naïve or non-empathetic I was. Perhaps my deepest desire is use my extreme experiences (from the heights of Heaven to the depths of Hell) to help other suffering or persecuted souls unlock their own treasure of transmutation. Like Don Carl Quixote…


This is my quest
to follow that star
no matter how hopeless
no matter how far

To fight for the right
without question or pause
to be willing to march into hell
for this heavenly cause

May you find and follow YOUR star

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Dances With Dragons, Chief Alchemist
"My Dream"


I wish to share a little of MY dream…

Like Don Carl and Ugly Duckling, I had a major wake-up call in the late eighties (following a wonderful but naïve existence). A huge part of my wake-up regarded interpersonal communication and relationships. Several massive attacks (home, work, and other) shattered my view of myself, others, and world. I discovered (to my horror) that I knew pitifully little about effective love, especially with difficult people (i.e. with different perspectives and beliefs than mine).

Years of intense focus on these issues have brought me to the unshakable belief (and experience) that our worst enemies are our greatest gifts… IF we have the courage and perseverance to face and love them. However… putting that into practice is perhaps the toughest challenge of life (but most rewarding).

My dream is to master this most difficult art of "dancing with dragons" ("Shrek" and his dragon are my heroes). While I've been "burned" many times, I've also experienced the grace and ecstasy of "ballet". One such breakthrough makes up for countless breakdowns.

Therefore, I now look to the fiercest of dragons (e.g. terrorists, religious zealots, and politicians) for my lifetime quest… to slay them in love (whether gentle or tough) and thank them for the dance.

I AM "Dances With Dragons"
I AM that which I am becoming
I AM     I AM     I AM

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Slave, Chief Steward
"Role Playing"

Why "Slave"? Isn't that demeaning and regressive?
It depends.

My princess and I had great fun changing roles, taking turns being pampered and doing the pampering. It was also very refreshing and "freeing" to turn over thinking and responsibility, just doing "brainless" labor… for a while.

So part of my dream is to take a lesson from our children… taking turns at playing different roles, from the silly to the sacred, good guys and bad guys, masculine and feminine… complete with costumes and props.

Why do you think so many love the theater?


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Bloomin Idiot, Chief Counselor

Bloomin Idiot. Now ain't that a royal name. I live it often.
And when I can laugh about it, I know I'm close to "Wise Sage".

End of lecture

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Prince Charmless, Chief Frog

Ah, such a life… princesses swooning over my endless charm and wit…
I wish.

Yet… I have had much fun with that name, winning many friends, and keeping my own ego in check, especially when drifting into serious and difficult "stuff".

In today's very complex and trouble-filled world, I've found humor essential… IF tasteful and appropriate (a very difficult art). One of my favorites (learned from a master) is to exaggerate the negative (rather than fight or fear it). For example, when feeling grumpy, lazy, or frustrated, my partner or I would go to the other wailing "Whine", "Complain", etc. I challenge you to keep a straight face doing this. Or when another is truly whining or complaining, it's time for exaggerated agreement (no pity or fixing): "Yes, you ARE terrible, awful, pitiful, ugly, worthless, stupid, and more. Is there any else I can do to nurture you?"

So be alert, princesses…
Your prince may be a frog
(or vice versa)


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Bucko, Chief Lover


"Bucko" was given to me by a very dear friend,
and lover:
perhaps the most loving and touching name
I've ever been called (among many).

In this world that likes to give formal or elegant spiritual names,
I find names like "Bucko" to lift and transcend me like none other.

My point is:
be careful about judging right and wrong,
good and bad,
beautiful and ugly.
One man's poison is another's food.
YOUR poison today
may be YOUR food tomorrow.


For more from Bucko, click here

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Divine Fool, Chief Everything
"Heaven on Earth"


"Divine Fool".
Doesn't that have a beautiful ring to it?
A very special matriarch (my honorary mother)
christened me such.
And it immediately resonated.
And felt so freeing.

Perhaps we don't have to be perfect to be divine.
Perhaps our Earth experience is about exploring,
making mistakes, and transmuting messes…
or at least a key part of it.
Mistakes used to shatter me.
But learning that my biggest mistakes
were my biggest opportunities…
was perhaps my strongest spiritual lesson.

So I look at our world,
with the potential of Armageddon and worse…

and see opportunity

like never before…


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Don Carl Quixote, Chief Dreamer and Spokesman

As Chief Dreamer and Spokesman,
I need a book of my own.
Click here for my story and solutions to everything.

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Soaring Eagle, Chief Seer
"I AM the Love; I AM the Light"

I AM the eagle
I AM the flight
I AM the love
I AM the light

I soar with the angels
I walk with the ants
I float in the ethers
I stand like a plant

I see all around me
as well as within
I feel the earth's birth pains
I know we will win

I hear cries of anguish
and hatred and blame
I taste the potential
to transmute this game

Yes, it is difficult
to love when attacked
But that is the answer
to all that we lack

It's time to stand up
my America so dear
to embrace our true calling
and love without fear

Are you ready beloved
to join in this quest
or will you continue
to blame all the rest?

I call to you now
as danger draws near
It's fly high or die time
for all you hold dear

I know not what path
is safe or no doubt
But I do know that risk
is high on this route

Will you join me beloved
and fly to new heights
or cringe in the darkness
and cling to false "rights"

Fly now beloved
Fly high and fly far
Let light be your guidance
Let love be your star

Fly now beloved
Our God calls us home
to be with the angels
and the lost and alone

Fly now beloved
The rules have all changed
Nothing is impossible
in this magic new age

Fly now beloved
We WILL reach our star
no matter the route
no matter how far



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Cosmic Christ, Chief Wayshower

"And so it is"



And so it is


and so it shall be


We all are one


and ever in thee



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Launch Event Proposal
Keynote Speech Proposal
Who, What, Why We Are
Declaration of Independence II
Dream of Dreams
Trail of Tears
New National Monument
Dept of Peace, Love, & Well-being
New Constitution
Links and Bridges
Future Plans
Bill of Responsibilities


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